Who has posted the most responses on Arrse?

Shameless way of bumping up your own post count afghanman. :) !!

Well it's not me...still working towards my fifth medal :) Biscuits_AB seems to have quite a few.. You also get the odd one vying for 'most prolific poster' getting towards 2000 posts in a couple of months!
bovvy said:
VMechA said:
blue-sophist = 15943
........ in less than 2 years ...... and no O2 Thief tag!!
Well he is retired and bumps the Help Them Out threads a lot so fair enough.

But I think one of the COs has quite a few as he spends a lot of his time keeping this place running.
If you click on the members list link in my post, above .... then select "posts" and "descending", the info is there.


I've got one more than I did just now...
Youall missed the point Afghanman didn't ask for the highest number of posts, he asked for the highest number of responses.
In a similar vein, what are the fifty most responded threads / which threads have had the highest viewer per post ratio? - just wondering at all the quality stuff that's not seen anymore.

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