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Who has posted the most responses on Arrse?

Well it's not me...still working towards my fifth medal :) Biscuits_AB seems to have quite a few.. You also get the odd one vying for 'most prolific poster' getting towards 2000 posts in a couple of months!
bovvy said:
VMechA said:
blue-sophist = 15943
........ in less than 2 years ...... and no O2 Thief tag!!
Well he is retired and bumps the Help Them Out threads a lot so fair enough.

But I think one of the COs has quite a few as he spends a lot of his time keeping this place running.
In a similar vein, what are the fifty most responded threads / which threads have had the highest viewer per post ratio? - just wondering at all the quality stuff that's not seen anymore.

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