Who has/had the largest chin in the Corps.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Ronnie8781, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick one too see if i can be proven right that a certain person with the initials N.B who was at 32 has the largest chin ever to be seen in the Corps
  2. I think its got to be G.M, aka Jesus???
  3. No this certain person surprisingly had the nickname of chinny, after 32 he went 25 in N.I I think.
  4. I have to be with ronnie!! it was definately N.B at 32 from 97 til 02 that was the biggest chin I have ever seen and twice winner of the ugliest man in Nato!
  5. What about the ugliest man in the Corp - that has to be Quazie. An infamous C3 op.
  6. He also had the tendancy to wear a cardigan and flowery Jack Wolfskin trousers and usually found chatting up German tramps near the Fish Market in Hamburg.
  7. Anyone remember Fraggle, NI and Hameln. By fcuk was he ugly.
  8. 13 EA 72 wrote

    N~d is a strawb now gents, he did close protection as resettlement & now guards race horses for a living, well paid at that.

    saw him last year when i went back to antrim for a 22 year dining out, he was there as a guest with a big goatee beard.

    ugly blokes within the corps you lot obviously never met "slimey w~~~~~ll" who was in hameln in mid to late 80's by feck that man was at the rear of the queue when looks where passed out. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. At Nienburg in the early 90's there was a jock lad called Ewan in 3 troop 7 squadron, as i recall his nickname was "the clumsy beekeeper" i distinctly remember him sh*tting himself on the p1ss one night and then continually falling square on his arrse until it looke like he'd been motorcrossing. :D
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  10. Knocker- Still in contact with the Chinmeister, he has packed up look after racehorses after being caught in a comprising position. Now apparently setting up his own security advisory company!
  11. A while ago now, but I give you T**f Lou**er, Stick 59, 1977-8. Not the biggest chin but he was scarily ugly, mean, cruel (but fair) and before he came to 59 used to bump up troop funds in a well known RE Para Sqn by nocturnal sojourns of a burglary nature (allegedly). Had a photo of him, but had to destroy it for peace of mind reasons. Strange to think that he's probably into his 70's by now (hang on a goldarn minute, that makes me.... err...OMG I'm so old. Bugger.).
  12. A##m Co###y has to be a contender for the half-moon heid award, he was in 29 fd sqn in hameln from 96-00ish when he got out as far as i am aware. really good bloke but by feck did he look like mr punch in his profile view. :lol: :lol:
  13. To be fair chinny did have some help with his looks by a certain scouser in Kosovo who managed to make his jaw oscilate in 10 different places. Poor lad.
  14. And those budweiser baggies!!! ahahhahaha we should have burnt those while he was wearing them!! They are to be the biggest fashion mistake ever recorded!!
  15. Hey Knocker I'm meeting chinney later today you got anythign you wanna say to him?