Who has got your money/bank account details

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ukdaytona, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. The highly confidential details of a staggering 25 million UK residents have been lost in a catastrophic blunder. The names, addresses, bank and building society account details contained on two compact discs went missing after they were sent from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to the Audit Office.

    The discs had been sent by a junior member of staff, Chancellor Alistair Darling told Parliament this afternoon. He admitted that strict security procedures had been breached and said that the chief of HMRC had quit his £170,000-a-year post as a result of the blunder.


    But BBC claim it to be 25m Child Benefit Recipients
  2. If i was wearing tin foil, in my lead house, i would say that it's setting up the government for recovering lots and lots of money.

    Glad i don't have the need to claim for any benefits!
  3. Can you imagine the feeling that "junior member of staff" must have had when they realised what they had done?

    Or am I wrong in thinking that any member of this regime has any idea of personal responsiblity?
  4. it says the head of HMRC has resigned, bet the scrote who lost it hasnt resigned or been sacked. Probably has his union backing him saying he wasnt properly trained in security protocol for handling items of significance... or some such thing...
  5. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Exactly why would the Audit Office need bank details.

    This is a classic information security **** up, we do of course have a series of world leading information security standards (ISO27000 series derived from BRitish Standard 7799) but the very last people to actually bother with them are government departments.

    The sheer scale of the amount of data lost is staggering

    Resigning, whilst helpful in a political sense, isnt terribly effective if one wants to put things right and stop it happening again

    What are they doing about it, an enquiry, new procedures, learning from lessons blah blah no doubt
  6. He has appointed Kieran Poynter, chairman of Price Waterhouse Coopers, to investigate HMRC security procedures.

    Why, oh why, does the Chancellor feel the need to appoint an external body to investigate security procedures? The guidelines for the handling of protectively marked/sensitive materiel are clear. Somebody failed to apply them, probably a contract worker and probably somebody who is an illegal immigrant if recent events are anything to go by. Supervisory and oversight responsibilities also went for a bowl of chalk probably because the person responsible was drawing up the latest action plan to recruit under-represented groups instead of applying thenselves to their prime function.

    Discs have probably already been copied many times over and are being put to good use in Eastern Europe and Nigeria. Only time will tell what the effects of this will be.
  7. I receive child benefit and am very worried about where my account info may have ended up - why on Earth would something like that be sent by post???
  8. This chap seems to have ebeen on the case since the start of the month.

    Why should the stuff be given to the audit office at all. Why not inspect HMRC data on site?. Why did NAO not choke on their cornflakes when the disks turned up (and later ones didn't) in unregistered mail?.

    Too many chiefs and watchdogs it seems
  9. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Third time in three months that HMRC have done something similar. They lost a CD containing details of contracted out pension customers (name, NI number, d.o.b) a couple of months ago (blamed the couriers) and then had a laptop with similar info nicked not long after.

    Looks like it points to systemic failures to me (either that or a very laissez-faire attitude to people’s personal details).
  10. A big-arrse CD (surely not just a cd-r?!) with no encryption ?! Is this a ****ing joke?
  11. Publically flog the person responsible, not the middle, upper etc management, but the one who decided to lick an envelope and send it CHAV express.

    I watched the circus act on SKY - it was amazing just how quickly the band 40 footer filled with calls for every one to jump up and fall on their swords.

    It amazes me just how some of those muppets can justify sleeping in their nice comfy crushed velvet seats, occassionaly being woken to go 'Here-Here' or add a career laugh and then go back to pushing out the Z'ds.

    Why can't we have an assemblly like in Korea or Japan - where when the heat of the moment takes you, you can jump up and drop the nut on the opposition!!!! Now that would be worth watching.
  12. What happened to using the Goverment Courier Service or has that too been contracted out to deliver efficiencies?
  13. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    The government should offer identity theft insurance to all recipeints of child benefit. I know its 'our' money they would be spending but this would be a drop in the ocean compared to the Northern Rock bailout loan or any of the myriad of government sponsored money wasting schemes.

    The chances are, if you have kids, your details are out there. They might be stuck in an an envelope in a Royal Mail sorting office somewhere but then again they might be being traded on the flourishing black market in ID's right this very second
  14. i'm thining the junior member of staff may have actuallt posted it, but some other dimwitted civil servant was responsible for the systems in place
  15. of the 25 million individuals mentioned, I wonder how many are bricking themselves because of possible fraud implications if someone looked at the information a bit closer?