Who has Elton John in the Dead Pool?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dragosani, May 25, 2012.

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  1. Too much gargling population-paste I reckon.
  2. I'm going with rectal prolapse.
  3. Marvelous news.This could really brighten up The Jubilympic Weekend for me.
  4. When he gets up there Princess Di will twat him for that gods awful shit song

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  5. Maybe he'll change his mind and be partial to a bit of twat once he snuffs it.
  6. I hear it loosens up the vocal chords. And his arse

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  7. If any/all of the religious lot are right then considering the life choices of both of them then you got the direction wrong. (unless you are an Innuit of course)
  8. Damn I thought I would be quick enough to add this to the dead pool first before anyone else. Bollox.
  9. Ah the old queen is faking it. C'mon Elton, Woman Up! What would Jim Nabors think?

    Elton John.JPG
  10. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Ruckerwocman, why have you posted a picture of one of the Banana Splits? This is a thread about Sir Elton of Johns.
  11. 65 is not bad for a Queen.
    Will he be having a sail down the Thames & a big party to celebrate?
  12. I ******* despise the man.

    He's got a voice which is lubricated by other men's DNA and an anus like a mine struck space hopper.

    There was a documentary featuring him a few years ago and all it proved was he is a diva of biblical proportions. I'm really hoping he has the skinny disease.
  13. Sorry. I'll behave. Is this shot better?

    Banana Splits Cast.JPG
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  14. Elton is renowned for sleeping with other men and being buggered. I'm assuming that his "husband" David is not aware of Elton's many affairs or is simply turning a blind eye to carry on spending Elton's wealth.

    I hope David doesn't read this and start divorce proceedings which result in Elton's drug fuelled suicide...........................