Who got banned from Military.com and why?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jun 2, 2004.

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  1. Just curious.

    I know that Issac Hunt did because his name broke the terms of use. ( but Isaac Hunt is OK.. :roll: )
  2. I was banned just as the "abuse" photos were being released on "60Minutes II." Reason? I did not go along with the Mil.chod party line, islamaphobia et cet, refused for the most part to get into the name calling game (they called me everything - if I had called one of the p*ricks a cnut they would have banned me) and finally sent one pm to GW (there was an awesome topic about war crimes started by a long time member, however, he asked that only those with service in 'Nam post which I respected) about war crimes and suggested the USMC had become a "death cult." Boom I was out of there.
  3. I got banned for asking why everyone kept putting a * as a post in the 'remembering fallen brothers' thread, when they said it was a mark of respect i asked why some people had over 30 posts with just a * in, surely 1 x * is a mark of respect and over 30 was taking the p1ss and was just an easy way to bump up your membership status.

    Then Basil joined me which led to our very own thread called 'Basil and TURPUK are scum'. at least they were thinking of us :D
  4. Somehow I managed not to get banned. Even though I was advocating taking the guns away from them.

    AND to make it worse, when told that they needed their guns incase they got invaded I responded "Your military is that crap then" or something tot he effect.

    How i survived the draconian moderation I don't know. They're really quite screamish.

    Oh I also may have taken the piss out of one of their artillery blokes but he called me a liberal. The scum.
  5. Haven't been in for a while only to find out I'm banned,
    I said nothing to offend anyone!
    Guilt by association?
    The great American legal system strikes again! 8O
  6. I got banned 6 times! I was getting new user names as quick as they were banning me! Cnuts.

    Yossa Coont apparentley was against their TOI, dunno why?

    Basil on the other hand wasnt, he just told them all they were cnuts but in a fair way I felt. :wink:
  7. I looked through my different mil.com accounts and can boast being banned 9 times
  8. Why did you ban yourself that many times mdn? Was it so you didnt blow your cover? :lol:

    Everyone. Mdn was a moderator over at mil.com for over 2 years. He is in fact working deeply undercover here at arrse, sending info back to his 'handlers', LNV and Sgt Patriot.

    Its true, honest

    (Cheques in the post mdn....... :wink: )
  9. The septics tolerated me for less than five minutes nevermind letting me moderate thier forums.

    Flash, that cheque needs to land really quickly or I may be forced to blab :D
  10. This fat old saggy titted slug was banned for "allegedly" pretending to be a General!!!!

    How on earth did I know what thingy to press with these coca cola glasses on?

    So unfair - I feel robbed. I need to put a redress in.
  11. I will provide a rock solid reference mate . . . :lol:
  12. Given they have the mentality of pond scum they must have fogotten the "ARRSE few" by now. Surely time enough again for another wind up?
  13. Someone is attempting to ruffle a few feathers.

    Either follow this http://forums.military.com/1/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=78919038&f=942198221&m=947100171&r=265102271#265102271 to read it in situ, or just read on:

    to which some cad has written:

  14. Have just been admiring Slope's efforts. I note also that the misleadingly-named Point/Counterpoint forum is particularly full of ultra-right extremism at the moment.
  15. GAH.

    Point-counterpoint my backside. All it is, is a simple excuse for them to pat their militia loving crazy backs whilst rubbing up for the showers.

    "Yeah dude I lubed my M16 before"

    "Cvilians don't get M16's"

    "Fcuk off you Liberal!"