Who gives a flying f*** about the Nats?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shagnasty, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. The Scots Nats, the Welsh Nats, et al have their tits in an uproar because no one other than their own deluded followers believe anyone other than themselves is interested in what they think. What do you think? Should 50 million english voters care? More importantly should the english pay for their vapourings?
  2. This baffled me as well. I thought it was only BNP sorry SNP twat who was moaning. They can't have it both ways.

    Tell them they can have a spot, so long as they pay there own state benefits bill, should shut them up :)
  3. I see that there still exists a "us and them"mentality within the United Kingdom then.
    Funny how this mentality does not exist in Britain's Military!
  4. I think if the Scots, Welsh & N.Irish can (to a certain extent) determine their own domestic policies through their respective parliaments then fair dos, as long as all foreign, defence and major issues are decided in Westminster.

    But this being the case, how on earth do this government get away with not devolving an English parliament, and furthermore allowing Scots, Welsh & N.Irish MPs to vote on issues that only affect England?
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    There own "deluded" followers currently represent the electoral majority in their own countries, and who lead the Assemblies with the powers devolved to them.

    You, as a representative of the deluded English, have voted in One Eye or Blair for the last 13 years - who is more deluded?

    I think if leveller's point was taken up, those deluded Nats would suggest that if that was to be the way of it, then good news, devolve more powers to us and then watch what happens thereafter...
  6. It is my understanding that in England the Tories have always had a majority?
  7. What annoys me is that these people have a say in ENGLISH parliament - if they want to rule their opwn lil country, then piss off out of Westminster. Damn, hang on they cant or labour would collapse.
  8. I believe that SNP policy is that their Westminster MPs do not vote on purely English matters.

  9. But the Labour ones can & do!
  10. Oh! but it does. Who can forget "The Poison Dwarfs" of Germany in the '50/60's. For those whose history is patchy: this refers to the wee Scottie ankle biters of the British Army who regularly battered the livinin jesus oot of the local Hermanns...during and after WW2...Guid fechters bi God!

    However feck all to do with today's leeches on the english body.
  11. Firstly, until such time as full independence is granted Westminster is NOT an English Parliament

    It's piss poor knowledge, leading to such ignorant spoutings, which tend to fuck off folks in Wales, Scotland and Nth. Ireland and lead to the establishment of Nationalist Parties.

    Secondly, the population in Scotland is second only to London, in their per-capita contributions to the UK purse.................and that does not include oil revenues.

    Thirdly, be aware that in the event of full Scottish Independence, it is the clear intention of the SNP to get rid of Trident, get rid of Nuclear Dumping sites existing or proposed, in Scotland and also to take over the collection of the oil revenues.

    So - in conclusion, you (the English) would be paying for Trident on your own, storing your own nuclear waste (and paying for it) and all without the
    revenue from oil and other taxation currently contributed by Scots.

    Still sound like Nirvana to you does it?
  12. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Which is one reason why Labour will never allow devolution. As someone pointed out, unless they are counted, the Tories hold the majority in a English only counted House of Parliament.
  13. Take Gordon & all of his Scottish acolytes back and we'll call it a fair swap
  14. Really? So they'd be paying taxation to the Scottish Government on the pensions funded by the English people.

    I like your idea of fair.
  15. And on a side note as I´m totally out of the loop on devolution,the Taffs don´t have oil but they hold the reservoirs for the water for the Midlands,I wonder how much renenue they could get If they decide to sell it?

    Splitting up the UK can only weaken the country as a whole though I must admit the thought of getting rid of the Boggies in NI could compensate for Midlandistan´s dying of thirst and smelling even worse(If that´s possible!)than It does now;)