Who gets the funding?

I believe it is unit strength which drives unit funding bid from STP process. Bids for funds are submitted by Trg Maj's through Budgetry chain, bid is based on numbers which drive mtd's and forecast trg program costs.


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I don't think so, was talking to the adj last week and he was telling me that Oxford and Cambridge OTCs were much larger than us, but that we produced more officers than them put together.

I'd say that it would perhaps be done at Div level?
To clairfy i mean OTC unit strength, not numbers who go on to regular service, that part is irrelevant.
There is an OTC myth, that may or may not be true, that Oxford and Cambridge receive about 70% of the OTCs' overall budget, with London receiving about 15-20%, and the rest being divvied up between the other Units.
The more I think about it, the more this seems unlikely, but it's one that's been floating about for a long while.
All OTCs have an establishment of 138 OCdts except Wales (about 170) Oxford/Cambridge (about 196 I think) and London (233?). The funding for MTDs is based upon establishment (NOTHING ELSE), pro rata. However there is some Brigade discretion so the it can vary but I would moot only 10-20%. There is no difference in terms of TAPO performance relationship.

In addition regular salaries are not a 'pot of gold' for the OTC, the army pay the salaries and it does not go near the OTC (although caught up in the total cost figure of OTCs countrywide, about £20m give or take).

Travel, vehicle hire etc is done differently regionally; obviously given catchment areas some will have a higher spend than others, some have green fleet etc etc.

IMHO OTCs are treated fairly fairly (?) across the board. Certainly any scuttlebutt about Oxford Cambridge London getting more than their fair share is just that (I hasten to add I am at none of those three) and there are no burning injustices.

Oh and bursars are held over establishment funded by LAND in a roundabout way.

Hope this helps
I think you figures are slightly out, for example wales had 205 (give or take about 5) which was the second largest ever camp behind london who we were told are 3 times our size.
The figures I have given are for ESTABLISHMENT. The best way to get a reckoning of size of real attenders is to get hold of the OTC reporter (every OTC has one) and see how many passed MTQ1 and 2. This will give you a reasonable grasp of the real (attending) size of the OTC (less the rump of third and fourth years perhaps 15-20% of the whole).

The overbearing happens at all OTCs and you are right that in terms of size it is London, Wales then the rest. It depends upon what your criteria are; if an OTC is slow to discharge people, either after they leave Uni or who have stopped attending, then the numbers on the books can balloon. London is not three times the size of Wales OTC, would not have gone to camp with more than 600 people.

I believe my establishment figures are roughly right. Another example is that NUOTC and EMU (which have several Unis in their catchment area) whilst having the normal (138) establishment I believe has many more actual attenders, certainly more than Exeter (which has two Unis) but has the same establishment.

I don't understand then why some OTCs have so much better facilities, vehicles, and kit generally. If you compare say Cambridge or Oxford with say Glasgow or Newcastle it appears there is a very obvious North south split. Is this real or imaginary?
To be honest Goose there does appear to be a prima facie unfairness; however IMHO this is definitely not planned just luck of the draw and there are exogenous factors.

For example the drill halls get refurbished every certain number of years (ten or fifteen I am not sure). Therefore London which five years ago had a pretty shabby drill hall now has reasonable facilities. Cambridge were lucky enough to have a drill hall next to a sainsbury's. In exchange for a small plot of land (that they could well afford given the fact that unlike oxford the drill hall is outside the main town) they got a gucci rebuild. Oxford have an immaculate large building partly because they share with the RAF and Navy OTCs (what ever they are called) but little outside space.

Taking Exeter we have a shabby building but it is big, all ours, no-one obsesses if a wall gets bergan rash, and more importantly we have a huuuuge drill square that we can land helicopters on, train on and roller ski on.

So in answer there are differences but I am as sure as I can be that it is not north south, oxbridge redbrick or anything else just luck of the draw.

If anyone has any hard evidence to the contrary I would be very interested as that would be grossly unfair.

Sorry about the long post!

I don't think anyone gets particularly upset about facilities, drill halls, etc.
After all, it's the people that make the place, and as long as you've got enough to put on decent training both in and out of the Unit, you'll have no problem keeping people around.
Incidentally, we've now got a Waitrose on our front door step. Yippee. Except I can't find the Moralibo...
Macks too true the staff and the students both. You are lucky with a Waitrose, Exeter is a mile from the nearest shops.

A massive drill square gets my vote as a real bonus although a good bar/dining room helps as well. Which OTC are you at?

For those of you familiar with it, they recently redid the entire of the Brunswick Centre (the monstrosity that sits between our building and the Tube station). It's now some chic shopping centre thing, with the coffee-flavoured cherry on top that is a Starbucks. Wunderbar.

Agreed on the mess/dining room too. Someone far older and wiser than me will probably correct me, but I believe ours was redone about 3/4 years ago now? Just before my time anyway.
Yup London had a complete revamp about 3-4 years ago. And a lesson to all COs who have a rebuild; go round with a toothcomb and hold the contractors to their contract; otherwise they will do a sloppy job. The CO at the time did exactly that and made sure a proper job was done; therefore ULOTC have a decent facility. Good work!
Hey steady on thats a whole different topic and has been done to death on here - Midlothian Question!!

Interesting comments on fairness of the system though, I bet if it scrutinised properly you would see a real North -South divide.
Its West-Lothian Question isn't it? - and thats a far more interesting topic. Scotch parasites...
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