Who fancies another Cod War?

Should Britain withdraw from the Common Fisheries Policy?

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Extract from http://www.american.edu/TED/icefish.htm

"In November, 1975, the third Cod War between Great Britain and Iceland began. This dispute centered on Iceland's decision to extend its zone of control over fishing from 50 miles beyond its shores to 200 miles. Great Britain did not recognize Iceland's authority in this matter and so continued fishing inside the disputed area. Iceland deployed 8 ships, six Coast Guard vessels and two Polish-built stern trawlers converted into Coast Guard ships to enforce her control over fishing rights. In response, Great Britain deployed a total of twenty-two frigates (although no more than six to nine frigates at one time), seven supply ships, nine tug-boats and three auxiliary ships to protect its 40 fishing trawlers. While few shots were fired during the seven-month conflict, several ships were rammed on both sides, causing damage to the vessels and a few injuries to the crews".

Although there may be much political milage in a unilateral withdrawal from the Common Fisheries Policy, what are the real options?
Could the RN cope with the pressure?
What sort of support would there be for the fishing industry?
Would the Government of the day survive?
Perhaps most importantly - will there be any Fish & Chips in 10 years time? :(

My sympathies are naturally with the British fishermen, but what are the real alternatives to the EU restrictions on time at sea, etc?

Informed debate, please.
If not, the usual will do.
I remember an Icelandic gunboat (Vosper MTB sized) ramming HMS Coventry?

Gutsy little fishead.
I'm not that bloody old.

It was on the BBC evening news.
I can vaguely remember it....

I can also vaguely remember the goodies doing a pisstake.
We were too namby-pamby. We should have gone tactical-nuclear. It is the only language these Nordics understand. :D
The CFP has helped destroy the Eastern Atlantic fisheries; aided & abetted by the greed & short-termism of the fishing Industry.
I'm soon to become a member of one of the UK's Fisheries Committees as a representative of Recreational Sea Angling(RSA) - an Industry that has TWICE the GDP of the commercials.
Stupid thing is: we both want the same thing - more & bigger fish but the commercial sector will not recognise the seriousness of the situation.
I have been to conferences & meetings on this subject & seen no change in their attitude.
Unless drastic measures are taken, then all parties will suffer.

Rant mode off :(
What do the Cod have to say about all this?
" two NATO allies going to the brink of war."

WAR! a fisheries dispute at the most. Mountain out of a molehill. Give this more publicity and we'll have Tone, Dear Tone pubically apologiseing for nasty Brit matleos and offering compensation to any Icelandic barsteward (many are) who signs up with Cherrys Compensation Club.
Well, to have a cod war i guess you first need cod. Places like the North Sea have been so over fished there's precious little left.

I can look out of my office window and see big Russian, Norwegian and the odd Scottish trawlers. Huge things which hoover up all in their path.

Countries bickering about perceived 'rights' are more than a little pathetic when the real issue is managing what fish stocks are left. A human population spiralling upwards out of control naturally means an increased burden upon the earth's resources. Couple that with improved and more efficient means of fishing and you've got a recipy for disaster sooner or later. There are things which are more important than an individual making a living and sod the consequences 1, 2, 3 generations down the line.

If the fish stocks can't support fishing then tough s**t mr.fisherman. Go and find another job.
Yes, I'm definitley up for it, lets face it, cod dont have the manual dexterity to use weapons effectively, and their tactical know-how is bonk.
It'll be a route! :wink:
havent iceland still got cod in their waters now ? unlike the north sea
should be something seriously done before its too late ban commercial fishing from the north sea pay the fishermen off . send the navy into stop others fishing on pain of sinking havent crab air got some martime strike capability ?
I was talking to some scotish bloke who works in the fishing industry fixes their motors and he was adamant that their is plenty of fish out there so either the eu is lying or fishermen are pig headed . maybe
a little of both ?
The reason the commercials say there is plenty of cod is because they can still catch it.
If they were forced to do without all the GPS, long range sonar etc. & used the same boats & nets as 40 years ago, then they wouldn't be catching 5% of what they did then.
Cod live in large shoals, so if if find one then they get a good catch.
The problem is that the number of shoals have diminished by something like 90%.
And the Norwegians are allowed to catch the very young cod that are feeding on the shrimps/eels (?) that live on their coast.

Everybody recognises this is a problem, but the tail end of a number of back-room deals mean the the CFP does nothing about it.

Oh, and the irony of it is that the shrimps (and cod) are ground down to feed ...... the Scottish fish-farmed salmon.

To heap irony on irony ... infected fish-farmed salmon escapes are causing increasing damage to .... naturally evolved salmon.

Thank God for administrators and rules, where would we be without them?.
send crab air out to sink fishing boats havent had any gun camera footage on telly for ages :lol:

Mr Happy

woody said:
send crab air out to sink fishing boats havent had any gun camera footage on telly for ages :lol:
And you won't have any for ages either, don't the crab air have to wait for their new FGA? Or is that the navy? Ho hum, I still enjoy watching that footage of the North Korean [spy] trawler shooting up the Jap CG with 50 cal....
I thought they had some anti ship missles for tornado .Vaguely remeber
an article in a sunday magazine about some squadron which was tasked
for martime strike

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