Who else uses British DPM and what decent kit do they have?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cardinal, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Someone already mentioned the Canadian para smock.

    I know the Dutch use our DPM and that their Patrol sacks are fairly good and their ops vests are similar to ours. Still unsure about the goretex lined Parka or quilted Goretex tank suit.

    The Portugese use DPM as well but I dont know what their kit is like.

    The Kiwis use it too Swandri jackets being one item I want to try out along with large DPM ALICE packs. I looked on Kiwi Surplus web site and their combat jackets look like our old 1980's pattern, are they?

    I once passed on an Omani windproof smock which was similar to ours because the colours were not quite right but the cloth and quality was very fine indeed. Their was an Omani medium DPM ALICE pack as well.

    What other foreign DPM kit is available that might be worth taking a look at?

  2. just go G10 for men. It's free!!
  3. The Dutch version of DPM dosn't have the little spots on it, ours does. The NZ Army use DPM.
  4. Oman use DPM inc windproof smocks colours are a bit different but looks quite smart,
    and a list of other users i (also used by Algeria, Canada, Egypt, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mozambique, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Pakistan, The Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda)
    # Desert DPM (also used by Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Romania, Saudi Arabia)
    # Four-Colour Desert DPM (also used by Iraq)
  5. Which is why we had to stop using it prior to OP GRANBY.

  6. nicely put, actually never heard that one before
  7. the swannies are excellent, beg, borrow or steal one asap, and no you cant have mine :p
    the '80s' patten Kiwi DPM was a cheap home grown copy of the Brit DPM stuff of the time, not as good in quality either, avoid.
    the later made stuff that appeared in '90 and still used today, 'lightweight DPM' is good stuff, colours are a bit more 'yellow' and brighter than brit DPM.
    the kiwi DPM alice packs are large size and made in korea.
    they were forever splitting seams and falling apart, and apart from the shite quality they are known as 'kidney killers'.......... not a patch on a decent made bergen.
    NZ webbing until PLCE was adapted a while ago was also cheap korean rubbish that fell apart in the field, a lot of us held onto the older septic made alice webbing with 58 patten pouches stuck on to fit the steyer mags.
    when i was a kid and first started off in the NZTF (TA) we wernt allowed to wear DPM like the regs and had to use jungle green lightweights................... absolutely brill at tekapo camp up the mountains in the snow. :roll:
  8. Believe it or not, DPM is also widely used in Russia.

    There are probably about 50 Commonwealth countries using DPM, plus Indonesia.
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I've posted this before but on ex with some US Rangers in Wales their cam (e.g. US Army BDU's) were better than the brit DPM. As we patrolled along I, at point, turned and could see soldiers spread out in 10m gaps but the 3rd soldier was missing, I had to look again to ping the ranger in 3rd position. Pretty impressed. Though their BDU's vs our smocks aren't in the same league.

    I understand our DPM is to be replaced by something stunningly clever in the next 5 years or so, or is that a walt rumour?
  10. No your right peco or something intergrated combat clothing system though
    think its more than 5 years away .Super kit for fighting something cheap though smart for barrack wear or thats the plan.
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Good, because I hate looking crap in barracks...
  12. There's much muttering about a digitized DPM replacement, but to borrow a phrase from a very dead fellow, 'You can have my smock when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers... arrrrrhhhhgh!'.
  13. Why would you want an ALICE pack? Anyone I know who's ever tried PLCE thinks it's far superior, myself included. Very uncomfortable piece of kit. Speaking of which, does anyone still supply US pattern bergens? I know Drop Zone used to.
  14. I like ALICE medium packs similar size to a patrol sack 35-45 litres. Believe it or not although I like my PLCE inf bergen its not very comfortable. The right strap cuts off the circulation to my arm which goes numb afer five minutes or so and totally useless after an hour (not my left just the right)
    I never had that problem with the old SAS/Para bergen, the Berghaus Roc or the Berghaus Crusader.

  15. "Believe it or not, DPM is also widely used in Russia"

    Yes, used by two ways, as "Gucci" kit in some SF army and police units:

    1. Russian made copy (instead of "DPM" this shade in Russia is named "smock", because russian weawers don't know english, they decided what the word "smock" in the label of the original UK smock mean shade of camouflage :D )
    2. Original UK made 84, 94 and 95 patterns, privately purchased in the second hand shops.