Who else looks like Kenny Everett

Ok I will go for starters in NO particular order my medals are:

Gulf War 90/91 OP Granby
Golden Jubilee

Totalling 8 at present so who has more. Lets find the biggest looking Kenney Everett..............and I so bet its a chef!!! :D


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ewan2000 said:
Ok I will go for starters in NO particular order my medals are:

Gulf War 90/91 OP Granby Earned!
GSM Oh please, it had all finished.
Bosnia I got one of them, It should have been presented to my kidneys and liver instead. Chocolate issue.Kosovo Like a trip to Wales, but less hostile.
Cyprus On the piss medal.
Telic Earned.
Golden Jubilee Like you feel honoured to wear it.
LS & GC You just wern't caught
Totalling 8 at present so who has more. Lets find the biggest looking Kenney Everett..............and I so bet its a chef!!! :D
But fair play you have got more than me, so I'll shut up now.
Pah! Eight? Is that it? Try these on for size:

Knight Commander of Polonia Restituta (2nd division).
The Gold Cross of Merit with Crossed Swords
The Cross of Independence & Freedom
The Medal of Independence & Freedom
The Piludski Medal
The Sikorski Medal
Estonian White Cross (3rd division)
Latvian Crimson Cross
Royal Yugoslavian Order of St John
Long Service & Efficiency Medal
Cross of King Albert
Cross of King Leopold
European Combattants Cross
Knight of the Sovereign Military Order

and a load of other stuff. Unfortunately, I can't tell you the guys name as he is notoriously shy and hates to be bigged up. In fact, he tends to send legal letters to people whenever he hears that they are discussing his shiny stuff and how ally he is! How sneaky beaky is that?

So come on, Ewan2000. You've a long way to go before you can touch the Big Man.
My god... This has to be the worst fcuking case of "My d1cks bigger than yours" I have seen ont'interweb in ages.... 8O
No body serving beats this Madman
Currently on Herrick with 16 bde

his rack so far

CGC, MC, GSM, Falklands, Cyprus, Bosnia, Kosovo, Telic 1, Herrick 4, Jubilee, LSGC.

Some may have more gongs, but this rack takes some beating.

His book will be out soon.


I take it by book you mean his pension book!
I do believe that the chest with the most tour gongs belongs to a postie!
Cant rightly say about valour decorations as most are either a bit shy or dead!


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Met a bloke in the UJC who was RFA. Got his 1st medal in Korea and his last was Op Granby.
xena - yep it's only 23 :)

Churchill had 37 !!


1. Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, UK, appointed 24Apr53, installed 14Jun54.

2. Order of Merit, UK, appointed 1Jan46, installed 8Jan46.

3. Order of the Companions of Honour, UK, appointed 19Oct22, invested 16Jun23.

4. India Medal, 1895 (clasp: Punjab Frontier 1897-98), UK, authorized 10Dec 1898.

5. Queen's Sudan Medal 1896-98, UK, authorized 27Mar 1899.

6. Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902 (clasps: Diamond Hill, Johannesburg, Relief of Ladysmith, Orange Free State, Tugela Heights, Cape Colony), UK, authorized 15Jul 1901.

7. 1914-1915 Star, UK, authorized 10Oct19.

8. British War Medal 1914-1918, UK, authorized 13Oct19.

9. Victory Medal, UK, authorized 4Jun20.

10. 1939-1945 Star, UK, authorized 9Oct45.

11. Africa Star, UK, authorized 9Oct45.

12. Italy Star, UK, authorized 2Aug45.

13. France and Germany Star, UK, authorized 9Oct45.

14. Defence Medal 1939-45, UK, authorized 9Oct45.

15. War Medal 1939-45, UK, authorized 11Dec46.

16. King George V Coronation Medal, UK, 1911.

17. King George V Silver Jubilee Medal, UK, 1935.

18. King George VI Coronation Medal, UK, 1937.

19. Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal, UK, 1953.

20. Territorial Decoration (King George V), UK, 31Oct24.

21. Cross of the Order of Military Merit, Red Ribbon, First Class, Spain, granted 6Dec 1895, ratified 25Jan 1896.

22. Grand Cordon of the Order of Leopold with Palm, Belgium, 15Nov45.

23. Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Lion of the Netherlands, Holland, May 1946.

24. Grand Cross, Order of the Oaken Crown, Luxembourg, 14Jul46.

25. Grand Cross with Chain, Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav, Norway, 11May48.

26. Order of the Elephant, Denmark, 9Oct50.

27. Order of Liberation, France, awarded 6Nov58.

28. Most Refulgent Order of the Star of Nepal, First Class, Nepal, 29Jun61.

29. Grand Sash of the High Order of Sayyid Mohammed bin Ali el Senoussi, Kingdom of Libya, awarded 14Apr62.

30. Army Distinguished Service Medal, United States, authorized 10May19, awarded 16Jul19.

31. War Cross with Palm, Belgium, 15Nov45.

32. Military Medal 1940-45, Luxembourg, 14Jul46.

33. Military Medal, France, 8May47.

34. War Cross with palm, France, 8May47.

35. Cuban Campaign Medal, 1895-98, Spain, awarded 1914.

36. Khedive's Sudan Medal (clasp: Khartoum), Egypt, 1899.

37. King Christian X's Liberty Medal, Denmark, 10Sep46.
I look like Kenny Everett

That's kinda what I mean. They seem like a cross-section of military fanatacists who like to play dress-up, to seriously troubled walts. What is a guy with a legit VC doing with those guys?

Mind you they're probably pretty chuffed to have someone like him around to give them an air of legitimacy.

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