Who Donates to Charity?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, May 9, 2013.

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  1. Tax scandal threatens charity donations - Tax - Money - The Independent

    Children Charities: Salaries of the Executives

    I've looked at the accounts of a few charities in the last year and:

    1) a good portion of the money people give seem to go on salaries and pensions with some people taking home BIG salaries
    2) A lot of government funded institutions, like colleges for example, seem to be 'charities'
    3) I came to the conclusion charities are businesses funded by mugs and the tax payers.

    Apart from the RBL poppy appeal I don't give much any more.
  2. I work on the 90% principle; look at the annual accounts and no more than 10% can be spent on non direct charitable work/giving (this includes advertising, HQ costs &c. as well as salaries).
  3. I give to the RBL and the local dogs' rescue which includes taking on Silvie, my three-legged, one-eyed Labrador and who is an absolute sweetie. As for all the others, charity begins at home unless in exceptional circumstances.

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  4. http://disability-studies.leeds.ac.uk/files/library/Clark-Laurence-leonard-cheshire.pdf

    PR Budget of £4 million per year. £1300 per week fees paid from benefits system per inmate. 80% of homes unfit for purpose.

    And charities like "inquest" ? Charity registration to operate in England and Wales within Inquest Law. So what were they doing helping out Mickey Mansfield's British Irish Rights Watch Charity in the Farrell Savage McCann case in ECHR ?

    UKIP has its eyes on Charity Commission and a potential forty billion a year saving to public funds.
  5. I donate £100 per year to the Army Benevolent Fund, but they send me lots of mail shots throughout the year asking for more, fair enough. My issue is these mail shots are costing money so how much of my wedge is actually going to the veterans?
  6. DD donations to Age UK, Diabetes UK, RBL and the Salvation Army, plus ad hoc donations to others. I am seriously considering kicking them all into touch - except the Sally Ann ? Why, because I get a steady flow of junk mail and phone calls from the others asking for even more and in the case of the RBL, raffle tickets, the 'something anniversary' of 'something' special appeal, 'dedicate this cross', etc. - probably two or more a month. Some or all of them have obviously sold my details on to other charities (like scam artists do) and there is quite honestly not a post that doesn't have one or more begging letters. The other day I got an A4 enveloped from the Red Cross (postage now by size of course) full of unwanted and un-asked-for 'blackmail' goodies like note cards, address stickers, bookmarks and crap biros. I will not donate to animal charities, to anything to do with India (if they can afford the standing army that Earth thinks so awesome and a nuclear deterrent they can afford to feed their people) or Africa where I am sure most of the cash goes into the dictator's Swiss bank account. I shall just put more into the tins of the truly deserving.
  7. I'd advise anyone to search charities on the commissions websites before donating. McMillan were desperate last week for my money to provide servies but it appeared they'd about £100m in the bank I seem to recall.
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  8. The OH could sit through a full-on horromentary showing starving fly blown third world kids sitting in a pool of their own piss and her conscience wouldn't even flicker. But show her still pic of donkey with a wonky leg and she's reaching for her purse.

    Funny world.
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  9. RBL, RNLI and a charity called YouthNet by direct debit.
    ABF from my pay.
    Various ad hoc donations to charities if a friend is doing a sponsored event or something.
  10. Just £2.00 a Month to save this Donkey... Won't you give £2.00 to allow Dobbin to live the rest of his life in peace....

    PR it's manipulation and how to rock the conscience of the public is now a well mastered art.....


    There are a few good tubs of glue in that nag......
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  11. I don't donate as a rule; I prefer to give up my time as a volunteer instead. No room for corruption, I can see the positive impact I am having, and I feel smugly superior as a result. Beers all round.
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  12. With my charity donations, they're usually quite a low amount and like yourself I place more of a focus on volunteering. Nothing like a bit of smug superiority.
  13. There is a curious 'x'-factor to such a situation as this. Many of the higher profile charity organisations have been bequeathed property from a collections of wills. Invariably, the property comes with strings attached, such as renting the amenity out with the proceeds goings into the collection box ( in a manner of phrase)
    These organisations soon found themselves bound by statutory landlord's regulations of having to finance surveys for asbestos and the like and the general upkeep of the structure with associated staff costs to administrate the portfolio.

    On paper they 'look' very rich, however the day to day financial running costs reality is another picture again.
  14. Very true. That pic would have me having to fight her off of my wallet, too.
  15. Last year 51%. Which seems to be a lot less than other charities I looked at.

    They spent £8.83m to donate £9.22m.

    Charity overview

    This one interested me. Soldier On!
    Over 2 years have accrued £95,842 but have only spent £1,030 in that time. No employess and no one is paid. So why have it if you're not using it?

    Charity overview
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