Who doesnt deserve a knighthood?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by afghanman, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. Following on from the lively debate in the Sir Lewis Hamilton?? thread, who has been awarded a Knighthood, but in your opinion doesn't deserve it?

    My nomination is 'Sir' Salman Rushdie.

    I ask you, write a couple of books, receive a Fatwa, go into hiding for a few years (no doubt in a big mansion somewhere nice and sunny) and then marry a model (Padma Lakshmi). Whats difficult about that??

  2. And my next nomination is 'Prince' of pop, Sir Cliff Richard.

    I ask you, get a Perma tan, get your teeth 'done', sing a few crap songs, go into hiding (in a nice big mansion in Portugal) and get blown out by Sue Barker. Whats difficult about that?

  3. /thread. :D

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  4. Sir Stanley Mattews,

    I mean come on one world cup game and one winners medal, hardly what I'd call successful

    In 1950, Matthews only played in one World Cup game (a 1-0 defeat against Spain).
    FA Cup winner: 1953

    I'll get back to the kictchen were I belong
  5. The Govan Gob - Alex Ferguson.
  6. Sir Elton John, I ask you why not Sir George Michael they have the same qualifications.
  7. Terry Wogan and Bob Geldorf.

    Not being a UK citizens do not get to be called Sir but a Knighthood all the same.
  8. anybody who gets one from the current bunch on cnits in the present govmunt
  9. In the interests of equality.... and Dames?
  10. Not a dame,

    Sir Robert Mugabe.
  11. Although that has been rectified now.
  12. Jeffrey Archer. He was a Knight before becoming a Lord and I think that it's a disgrace that he is still a Lord.
  13. that would be St. Bob Geldof :roll: - he doesn't need his knighthood...he's got a better title.
  14. How about anyone who has NOT served in HM Forces?
  15. Qualifications that they are raging bratty bangers?? :twisted: