Who does the most "in-unit" shagging?

Who does the most "in-unit" Shagging?

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Curious to know where the most"in-unit" penetrating goes on(i.e.Soldier A-Male/Female/Other exchanges body fluids with Soldier B-Male/Female/Other/ within Sqn/Coy/Bty/Regt).Is it among the "Love-God" Aviators who by their own accounts will roger anything containing DNA?or among the pale,soft-fleshed,subterranean-dwelling Sigs who extend pseudopodia towards the orifices of their victims?Or is it somewhere entirely elsewhere.Is the OTC really celibate?
Amendment: I mentioned the AAC but fcuked up and forgot to include them in the poll options but they probably don't include themselves in the target list to receive their liquid emissions(Sorry)

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