Who does he think he is?

I've been talking to a friend tonight who's been involved with someone for a couple of years. He spends a lot of time away from home, and my friend likes the odd drink when she's sitting around waiting for his return. By the odd drink,I mean that she has a litre bottle of vodka that's been sitting in her cupboard for over 12 months and is still nearly half full, so it's hardly full-blown alky bottle-at-a-sitting stuff.

Thing is, he was home a few weeks back (he doesn't drink at all and doesn't think she should) and when she went to pour a drink tonight, the half remaining bottle had been emptied and re-filled with water. She also had a couple of bottles of wine that she keeps in for friends, and that has been removed as well.

So, given that he's a serving soldier, come on guys - is this normal squaddie thinking? Are you lot turning alcohol free, or is he a controlling cnut who brings shame on the services? If it's normal, where can a girl go to find a real man when you lot turn all righteous on us???? This is not me looking for squaddie dates but always thought you lot were a bit easier going than this!

Would you pour good drink away?
Anybody who does that to beer is obviously the devil. I think he needs to go on his Motor Cycle Training Course. Some of ya's will know what i mean!


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He's a controlling Viking, get her to fcuk him off pronto.
absolute sacrilege - might not have thought the same way if it was lager or american beer but anything else - well apart from advocaat l - is pure sacrilege and he should be thrashed within an inch of his life
yer Right he is a control knobber who needs sorting out. What a waste of good booze I f your friend likes I will replace the bottle with a nice bottle of Jack Daniels. Get rid of the ass wipe and live your life how you want to girl.

He sounds like a freak!! get your mate to post her pic in the gallery and Im sure she'll find a man, real man (no offence to you tee-total weirdos) who likes to drink alcohol and nail birds.
This man is abnormally fixated. The situation can only get worse, and if left unchecked will decline until the stage is reached at which his mug shot appeears in the paper. The accompanying article will describe his final hours and will end in the words '...before turning the gun on himself.'
mmmh. Filled the Vodka bottle back up with water, wine gone missing!!!

Sounds like he has drunk it himself......dont be fooled!
also, whats your friend doing, still over half a bottle of vodka in 12 months, she needs to toughen up. IF she drinks the whole bottle before his return and replaces it, then he will never know!!!!

There's a number of possible explanations.

He may just have got fed up with her guzzling the nice vodka he brought back from Sweden and needed a couple of bottles of wine for a party of some sort.

Or he's a cock.

To be honest, she probably deserves it. Most women who live with psychopaths see the same types of bloke from the age of 15 til they get lovingly placed in a dirt grave whilst wrapped in bin bags. Sure you can get her to leave him, but she'll only be doing it for the melodrama of it all and within a couple of months she'll be shacked up with Big Dave who's just finished a 10-stretch and who has WIFE tatooed on the knuckles of his right hand and KIDS on t'other. It's probably not worth getting involved with, and what's a few slaps when you've got a roof over your head?

To be fair to the girl, she may be level headed and just picked a bad 'un - but don't go getting her to leave him just yet. if she does it too early, her self esteem wil be shot to fcuk and she'll end up with another stroker. Even worse, she may end up hating men altogether and sods law she'll be up the duff by the time she leaves him. I don't think society can take another child raised by some hopeless flake who blames all men for her Freudian bad-taste in men. Plus she'll be sh1te company and you'll slowly start to 'forget' her invite to stuff and you'll feel guilty when she hits the bottle properly and you find her rain-soaked kid on your doorstep at 1 am telling you that "mummy's gone a funny colour and won't wake up."

Of course, all this could be avoided by her raising these concerns with her bloke, but that's a very unbritish way to approach relationships and we'd rather sit in front of X Factor with an icy-stomach feeling that something's wrong but it can never, ever be talked about (unless during divorce proceedings).

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