who does control mobilisation??? contact details please

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by DAKOTA_STAB, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. i am looking to get mobilised, the problem is i have been given various outlets to contact. phoned mcm div. they said they only really deal with ex regulars wanting to do a tour, phoned the commitments cell and was told that they only deal with the specialist ta up at grantham. rlc obviously, was told chilwell but cant find who i need to phone, also have a no for a bloke down at land his no just rings and rings and rings.

    so apart from the troop seniors ,who is the definative contact to find out about mobilisation posts.

    p.s could only find the ftrs posts on the tinterweb.

    many thanks troops
  2. Given that mobilisation is claimed to be "intelligent", you may be in for a long search... ;)

    Start with your PSI.
  3. Talk to your PSI/ Seniors first. They can put you on the list they keep. There's regualr trawls that go out for people whether it be your stream or some G4 stuff. Obviously more quals you have in your trade the better.
  4. new psi in post who (not his fault) doesn't know the first thing about it by his own admission. are central lists not kept or a single point of contact. our trade has a waiting list but that is subscribed for the nest year and some.
    so was looking to go out of trade, in driver role maybe? but cant find who generates the list. hope that makes sense
  5. Have a look at this website, and contact the augmentation cell in Glasgow on the number shown for WO1 Orr


    If you don't have access to the intranet PM me and I'll send you his contact details
  6. Try the Reserve Assignments Opportunities List (RAOL) If you can’t access DII or Armynet I’m sure someone would be happy to email you a copy. :wink:
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Or get it from the public website ;)


    Just don't forget to keep your CoC informed.

    I am slightly disappointed that your PSI isn't a bit more pro-active...

  8. spoke to psi, hes no dramas with it, went up the chain aswell, just that they dont have a current list of who to contact for the positions avail, and what positions are available. decided to be abit proactive and lookie for myself just keep getting the run around, surely there must be a single pooint of contact who does the mobilisation posts.
    msr thanx for the link but that is mainly the ftrs posts, already saw that post, nothing on there that i could do or was available to me.
  9. Dakota_Stab,
    I've tried to respond to your PM (twice) from the office machine but keep getting the message blocked screen. If you have access to armynet you will be able to access the MS operational commitments page from there, which will give you the details. If not I can PM the details to you later when I get home.