Who do you want as an Officer?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Negligent-Discharge, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I've had some right cnuts as Officers. Iain, Paul and Sarah... you know who you are. However, who would you like as an Officer? Reasons to be explained please.

    1) Joanna Lumley - MILF and hard as feck
    2) Trevor McDonald - a nice chap and gets rounds in
    3) The Scarey One - my Missus doesn't half control me so why not? Fearless
    4) George Best... when alive - Good for a few Mess jollies
    5) Enoch Powell - he'd soon sort the (racist term deleted)

    Keep 'em coming
  2. Ollie Reed, hard as feck pisshead sexist bastid, my kind of blerk. Oh and Brian Blessed as the Razzman please.
  3. Oliver Cromwell - But this time "no Mr Nice Guy" !
  4. Hannibal Lector - The caring, sharing Families Officer who can chew your liver out if he doesn't like you.
    Ronnie Biggs - Paymaster / UAO
  5. Christopher Hitchens

    Maybe not great at running up and down hills but knows the only good jihadist is a dead one
  6. Any ex-ranker. Do all the crap jobs, and take the can when things go a tad pear-shaped.
  7. CO - That bloke in charge of the spartans
  8. Aye,but you can't pull the wool on an ex ranker can you? I've seen many an officer manipulated by the junior ranks. Ex rankers know every f ucking trick in the book!
  9. Reni-77 for me.

    He'll even shut your bitch up too. ;-)
  10. Enoch Powell has form-he was a very young Brigadier
  11. Someone who knows when to keep quiet.
    Someone who knows when to get the beer in.
    Someone who knows when to listen to their Sergeant.
    Someone who can map read.
  12. I hear Biggins is much harder and at least there would be some gin left after breakfast.
  13. now you're being ridiculous. :D
  14. Especially the map reading bit
  15. Fall in!!!!!!!!!!! my new biatch.