Who Do You Serve?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by owen1923, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Over recent weeks I have come across a number of post which have referred to serving Queen and Country, Dying for queen and country, putting yourself in harms way for queen and country, and many similar quotes.

    My question is this. In todays modern army, is the desire to serve ones country really a motive for joining the forces?

    I served 16 years, and the only time I actually heard queen or country mentioned was in West Belfast, and that was in an attempt to be provocative.

    I and most of the people I served with joined up because we wanted to soldier, and once we became part of our units we were prepared to put ourselves in harms way, but not for that lot in Buck house or Parliament, our loyalty was to each other and no one else. Yes we had the rituals to perform in the mess, and on certain parades but any mention of Royalty or Politicians was merely lip service.
  2. Because i want to be a soldier and for my country too
  3. I agree O1923. I would say that for the last 22 odd years my loyalty lay mainly with my muckers, my Bn, then the Army (in that order), although I am a patriot who is loyal to the Crown. I have never met anyone (me included) that actually joined to serve Queen & Country. I joined because I had been in the ACF and wanted to soldier.
  4. As a person in the process of joining the army, i will not be joining up for the queen. i will be joining because i want a new way of life, i want to have fun, see the world and make new friends. Never once have i thought of the queen since my interest in the army and never will do.
  5. I joined for a 50p bet 19 years ago ...... the Queen was on the back of the coin.... Does that count?
  6. You lost then... :D
  7. ...and to learn to use capital letters.

    ...apart from when you take the oath.
  8. I guarantee you will think of Her Majesty. You will have to swear an Oath of Allegiance ....

    I ..... swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will, as in duty bound, honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors,.......
  9. I joined to proudly serve my country as my ancestors did before me.
  10. I joined for adventure, Queen and country did'nt even figure in it, as I knew even as a 16 year old, civvies, the goverment etc could'nt give a sh1t about squaddies until they're needed, and when they're not they get the big FO.

    Kipling had it down to pat.

    Its Tommy this
    And Tommy that
    And chuck him out the brute
    But saviour of the country
    When the guns begin to shoot.

    Nothing changes
  11. Oh, even though this is in the NAAFI you wanted a serious answer.. I was going to say the kid next door with some fava beans and a nice chianti..but, now...

    God, Queen and Country are a cliched short form for serving the ' public good'.. sure the uniforms are spiffy, the pay adequate and you get to drink, muck about with pals and shoot guns [ well some do though most do scut work and push papers about ]...

    despite the protestations by many over needing a job, losing a bet, etc. etc.. there was a touch of altruism involved, I suspect, and a desire [ however sublimated ] to do something for the public good, national aspirations, and such like, otherwise everyone would be working for the nearest joint that payed well and kept you in beer and pretzels without making too many demands on time, energy and sticking you in harm's way...
  12. i joined because i wanted to be first kid on my block with a confirmed kill
  13. Owen 1923 is right and if we're honest we did as he did.

    I remember being given the Queen's Shilling in the 80's (not Queen Vic before the abuse floods in) and was about to put it in my pocket.....

    Cue loads of abuse at full volume and a hastily returned shilling!!!

    Do any of you have a friend in Jesus? Okay when was the last time he lent you a fiver???
  14. Surely the time has come to change the oath of alligiance , when giving evidence one can swear on the bible or any other holy book that one accepts. Let us similarely now have an oath of alligiance that is to Country not to some old woman who has a life of luxury just because of who her parents were.
  15. I mean no disrespect to HMQ nor the Royal family by my comments. The country is not as Jingoistic as perhaps it once was.

    If us Jocks had gone further south than Derby (good Counter-Int work in that change of plan - bugger) and hadn't got our butt kicked at Culloden in 1745 we may well all be swearing allegiance to a different Royal Family from the one we have now.

    Many of us fought for the Crown. If you can't beat them join them. As my grandfather said, they may have beaten us - but they also clothed us, fed us and allowed us to fight. They also paid us.

    Regardless of who constitutes (or may have) the Royal Family, I think our lack of jingoism would still be the same.