Who do you reckon are the best Air Force

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by spank_the_monkey_to_death, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. This might stir up a little, but in your humble opinions, who do you reckon are the most professional air forces at their respective jobs?

    Not talking quanties or anything but engineering/flying abilities.

  2. AAC of course, although they might be miffed at being associated with rif rif like crab air :p
  3. Easy Jet.

    They get you to your destination on time and their stewardesses are not fat male fullscrews.
  4. fast jets only :p
  5. Nah, Aer Lingus.... :lol:
  6. FAA, their runways move.
  7. moving runways surely a bad thing? fine if you're taking the fight to the enemy but what if you're not too hot on the whole "navigation" or "landing" thing. Also being FAA that's one very small step away from being a sailor...
  8. Yeah but it's crab air who serve on board more than the fish heads do 8O
  9. EMm they are sailors!
  10. Not more, no. On the two remaining carriers, they supply the fixed wing.
  11. Which is of no help if the people you're supposed to be helping are more than 200 miles inland.

    Would you chaps care to be more specific? Are you talking about quality of toys/quality of people/size/particular roles/felxibility?
  12. people, engineering, pilot skills etc

    Personally I think crab air are second to none in low level ops and the jocks always give good acount of themselves in theatre and in ops like red flag.
    Engineering is much the same albeit at much stretched man power levels than say USAF

  13. Aye with some nice host nation support then? Always possible?