Who do you hate more than Heather Mills?

des "do as I say " brown :twisted:
My own ex-wife perhaps, but then again no, Ms Mills is worse.
Tony B Liar, Broooon, Browwwn and the stupid woman they hang out with whos name I dont even care to remember (health Minister or some such shoite, I dont care) Oh and Red Ken.
Heather Mills's "Split Reflection", much like her so-called personality!

God! Did SHE GOB off on the steps of the High Court!

Mills HOP IT!!
Anyone who has ever appeared (or thought of appearing) on Big Brother plus wotsername who presents it.

(Edited due to repetitive strain injury duplication. Edited due to repetitive strain injury duplication).
Top of the list - Bliar. I bet it has even crossed his mind to have a leg removed in an attempt to gain both publicity and money! He's married to a miserly Scouse git as well!
For starters:

Tony Blair
Cherie Blair
Gordon Brown
Polly Tonnybee
George Bush
Hans Blix
Jimmy Crankie
Rod Hull
Wayne Rooney
Davina McCall
Ed Balls
Geoff Hoon
Hugo Chavez
Micheal Jackon
Osama Bin Laden
Bruce Springsteen
Alanis Morrisette
Hillary Clinton
Harry Potter
Mick Hucknall
Lord Hawhaw
jane Goodie
Posh Spice
Harriet Harmann
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Condi Rice
Dave Lee Travers
Dr Fox
2 Jags
Robin Williams
Tom Hanks
Noel Edmunds
Martin McGuiness
Arctic Monkeys

I have some rage issues which I am seeking no help for.
Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan &
Piers Morgan

There, got that off my chest!
Everyone previously mentioned plus that aggravating modern day saint (in his own head at least) Bono.
Dont tell me about feckin poverty when you've got mansions all over the world and use your own jet to fly back and forth ... CUNT !
Pete Doherty
Amy Wineohouse.

I would love to smash both their heads in with a lump hammer - just for fun you understand.
There is no-one I hate more........

........Oh hang on, I changed my mind, the gormless frog Cherie Blair.
Gordon " cyclops" Brown.....fcuking loathe the c*nt and all his cronies, in fact all politicians in general
For some reason I find Red Ken quite endearing. He did a talk at the Unit when I was a sprog and got heckled to fcuk, so at least he's got some guts. Assuming that is that he knew he was doing an after dinner blurb in a bootneck Mess... That's another thing I like about him, he fcuks up more than me!

However, when I saw that toenail clipping Brooown had time to publish a book about heroes of the Armed Forces and how he is humbled by their sacrifice, I did want to get on the first plane home, kidnap him and introduce him to a few of the chaps he was referring to and possibly the opposition (orange jump-suit, arrse cut out...). He has all the duplicity skills of Mike Golden, but none of the charm.

The lot of them need tying to figure 11s and plonking in grenade pits. Actually, belay that, let them run, it's so hard to get moving targetry these days.

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