Who do you ask about transfers which take forever?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Always_a_Rifleman, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. If a transfer is taking longer than 6 months, and neither the original nor the new Coy/Bn seem to know whats going on (and getting miffed), who should you speak to?

    Is there someone in APC who deals with this sort of thing?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Your MP?

  3. Transferred from a med unit to a combat support arm(ARTY).Took me 4 months from application to actual walking in the front door of the new unit.chief clerk is the first point of contact,then psao,then trg maj.if you have to do this,give it up .Even then, it took me a further 5 months to get paid.I lost the will to live after that.Had no med supply's .had to beg, borrow and steal.Or give up all my purloined kit .

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  4. 'Moan the RB44's!

    Piece of shit trucks...who ever thought that they'd be a good idea to buy...had a few brain cells missing. (atleast regarding everything except the engine (perkins had a good one there))
  5. Takes a long time to sign paperwork
  6. Mmmm they take an age, been through posting twice, within the same regiment, and it took at least 5 months for it to come through last time - and that's between squadrons that train with each other at least every 4.

    'Glasgow' was the reason though... hmmm.
  7. 'Glasgow' is their excuse for everything.

    My last transfer took about 7 months ( within the same regiment). At one point I asked the OC if he heard anything ( this was after about 4 months) , to which he replied the transfer form was still in his briefcase and he hadn't looked at it yet.

    How long does it take to sign a piece, write about two sentences in a pen picture then send it to the next person in the 'chain' ????
  8. Its seems to me that the main let down with the TA is the length of time it takes to get anything done, any problem at all, any hold up can always be attributed to paper work getting lost.

    Thats all I'll say on the matter

  9. cant always blame glasgow.

    when i tried to transfer it took 4 months and a bit.

    turned out my regiment had got it to the next regiment signed and ready to go.

    the psao of the next regiment then took 3 months to send the letter back rejecting my transfer, stating that to join as a cmt you needed to be a trained paramedic or ambulance technician. (to which i really laughed)

    then spelt rejected wrong. also it was in the wrong sentence and sent it to the wrong regiment.
    so having a crack at the psao of the other regiment might help

    or get totally pissed off at it, dissolusioned at the ta and leave like i did and grow long hair
  10. i think my transfer is a good 4 months in the making and I haven't heard a thing.... people seem to prefer you to just leave altogether than stay in and change capbadge. seems pretty short sighted!
  11. 'Glasgow' is the excuse/reason at the moment.

    As their focus is transfer to JPA no transfers, promotions or admin other than pay have been processed for ages (this year?). The situation is likely to be the same for another month after which they'll be clearing the backlog.

    This, of course, assumes your unit has passed the paperwork to APC correctly in the first place...
  12. you arks the FOREVER PEOPLE

    they won't let you down.Ever. Not even if you are a bit short, and want to sell an uninteresting story.
  13. But JPA is just a freakin ballsup, from what I heard the RNR payroll went off without a hitch - yet the Army can't seem to migrate its existing service over properly (which it isn't paying the supplier for btw). Wonder how long JPA will stay as the excuse?
  14. They only get away with it because there are still people around like you, who can spell, and string a sentence/sentance togevver. n e elp grate fulli RXd
  15. The supplier got a nice write up in Private Eye I hear :D .