Who do we despise the most

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Feb 23, 2003.

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  1. Bonnie Langford top of my list, so much so that whan she came on telly a couple of years ago, Ill hurled my shoe in a drunken rage busting my three week old widescreen Telly.

    http://www.bonnielangford.co.uk/   to see what i mean

    Gerri Halliwell come close second, although I would give her one, just for some of those Yoga moves, She'd just have to keep her trap shut and keep those arse opinions to herself
  2. I preferred Geri Haliwell when she had tits and dressed like a NAAFI slapper.   ;)
  3. I must confess that I think I would get greater pleasure from throwing her off a carpark rather than giving her one, although she can bend in half, and can probably ride you and nibble yer bag at the same time.
  4. Nah, apparently when she was younger, she'd put out for a bag of chips.  Mind you, before her recent change of appearance, she looked like a lass who was no stranger to a bag of chips, so I suppose she put out quite frequently ;D
  5. Come to think of it, in those days, she probably put out more than Red Adair!
  6. I think that if I was diagnosed with something terminal, on my list of things to do now nothing matters would be

    1, Force myself on natalie Imbruglia
    2, Punch Jerry Springer
    3, Track down langford and sweep her off her feet with a sithe, then feed her through a sausage making machine, or a big mr Frosty slush maker.......laughing and grinning as I did it....then post the pics on her website
  7. Geri.. Bonnie...Jerry..MDN..u gotta anti- gingernut thang  going on? :eek:
  8. Iam against gingers but thats not the reason for my hatred of Bonnie Langford, didn't even know she was a GWAR. I didn't know Jerry Springer was one either I just thought he was a loud mouthed Yankie four by two. Now I know they are my dislike can only grow

    My hatred of Langford goes back many years. And has grown and festered out of all proportion until now when I just want to do her harm ;D I hope she is a member of this forum.......... If so Ill be round tonight with my clingfilm,and hedgetrimmer ;D :mad: ;D

    Gunny, your taste in ladies has always been lousy I am not surprised that Langford arouses you. I suppose the piccies of her in your room keep all the demons and spiders at bay ;D
  9. The photo helps me masterbate quicker, Mighty.
  10. Talking about GWARS........anybody from Roberts Bks Osnabruck?  There was a female RMP Captain there not so long back, who was a big f*ckin GWAR!  She looked like Homer Simpson with a ginger wig..........nasty!  Wouldn't have any problems arresting me, she'd have frightened me into the cells!
  11. Are you trying to get this thread closed? ;D
  12. Is that posh for wanking? :eek:
  13. I don't care if it's posh for farting.  I love a good tug to a pic of Lisa Riley or Bonnie Langford.
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Fair play Gunny- you give me the fear! Have you tried www. piehider.com?
  15. Tara Palmer-F*kin'-Thompkinson. Beeeyatch! What has that wench done for the good of anything other than improve the cash flow of some coke pusher? That fekin oxygen thieving, skinny arrsed, loud mouthed, coke snorting, cad-shagging, embarrasment to the nation needs to be wiped clean off the face of the earth like a dribbling bogey! And she can take those other useless trolls Tamara Beckwith and Victoria Hervey with her!