who do i have to kill!?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Benny687, May 13, 2007.

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  1. i wont bore you all with the full mind boggling story of disinterested fuckbags who populate the Sky broadband unhelpful helpline. but to give you some insight in to my feelings towards them....ahem....fucking useless fucked up work dodging hippy dick washing fatherless cunts!

    but the result of my weekend on the phone to these 'people' has left me massively frustrated. but my question is, what now?
    im sat here fuming because somebody thought it would be a good idea to lift some poor gwarr in mumbai out of his cage and give him a 'job' with a phone.

    but who do i make suffer for this? it makes no sense to me that i have to sit here and wait for myself to calm down while these shitlegs bastards are none the wiser as to my utter contempt and rage felt towards them.

    any one any ideas as to how i over come this? solutions involving the prolonged suffering and excessive amounts of fear felt by the cretins at Sky would be most appreciated.

  2. Sh*t in a box and send it to a random address in India. I always do :)
  3. Time for the pub. Or make the missus smile.
  4. Have you tried phoning the Sky Broadband Helpline?

    They might be able to help......
  5. I just binned Sky and they sent me a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire to complete - set questions and tick the boxes.

    So I added a few categories and a few choice comments along the lines of 'useless cnuts', 'brain dead mongs' and 'total fcukwits'. No doubt it will go in the bin...............but not before someone has seen it!!!! I only wish I'd sent it registered post to the Chairman of Sky....as if he'd give a shite!

    So kill them all just to make sure you don't miss any mongs, the others we'll put down as collateral damage.
  6. had the same problem with aol.took me 2 years to sort it out,everytime i phoned their helpline i had to go through the same crap procedure all over again,not helped by the fact that i had to talk to someone whose english skills weren,t their strongest point.it took me 2 years to get to the bottom of the problem which was solved by a wireless router that a mate recommended and not aol!these fcuking companies stink with their customer services and in the most part they get away with it. :x
  7. I heard an economics lecturer talking on radio a couple of weeks ago and he said exactly that, that they always will get away with it because the bottom line is that they don't give a shite - they are far too big and powerful for anything we say or do to make a dent on their profits.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I...er...work for Sky...er...Broadband but in a higher department than you were talking to.You were most likely talking to a level 1 'agent' in either Belfast,Londonderry or the Phillapines.
    If you were told the 'systems were down,then you were speaking to Belfast & the person was telling you the truth.They crashed Thursday.
    Let me know what's wrong & I'll look into it.
  9. My sky controls stopped working one month after the 12 month guarantee. 25 quid to fecking replace them.

  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  11. I have just won a court case against a mobile phone retailer who tried the "it only has a one year guarantee" card. Refusing to repair a phone that was 12 months 2 weeks old ended up costing them £285. Remember guarantees are in addition to, not instead of your statutory rights.
  12. "Who do I have to kill?" :?

    Try "whom".

    Object of the verb "kill", thus accusative case.

    Grammar has value, even in dealings with Sky. 8)

    Whose representatives are a bunch of canutes, btw.
  13. Ahh, who or whom? Now I understand.
    Whom do I have to thank for this?
    Caubeen ofcourse.
    But Who is Caubeen?
  14. You - like so many of us - have ultimately got the late Gen. Sir John Hackett to thank, dear fellow!

    Whose representative on earth I - ahem - have the honour to be. 8) And who would have taken a very dim view of Sky, btw.

    Have some of this very fine Bushmills . . . . . . :roll:
  15. You could always call JPAC tomorrow with a JPA problem. They're useless tw@s as well ... but at least it would take your mind off your broadband issues!

    But seriously, I had the same problem with TalkTalk reference my broadband. I fully understand your frustration. I resolved my problem with advice from a friend who is a Scaley IS Engineer, but I did write a letter containing a few home truths to the boss of TalkTalk. He never replied though ... can't think why!