Who do I complain to???

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by loubella, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. I want to make a formal complaint about another soldier (he's a Sgt and so am I) but am unsure where to start.

    Do I use the ASM, RSM side of things or start with 2IC to OC??
  2. In my day you'd just go out the back of the mess toe to toe.
  3. Depends on how you want to play it - if it's a fairly small matter then maybe SSM/CSM or RSM level where it can be sorted out 'in house' with a bare minimum of fuss.

    If it's more serious then go to Regt 2iC but you would be well advised to talk to your RSM first though.
  4. Whats the issue, it may help with the suggestions. No names or pick drills.
  5. Complain away to me.

    I'm all ears. :sleepy:

    Be very careful if this is a personality issue. If you can't get on with your muckers, it reflects as badly on you as on them.

    Depending on the issue, if I was your OC, I would want to see evidence that you had tried to resolve the matter yourself before coming running to me - I have SNCOs to solve problems, not cause them. If it is impossible to do it face to face, then speak informally to ASM in first instance, as he/she would almost certainly prefer that it was resolved within the mess as it reflects badly on the ASM if his/her SNCOs are bickering without any action being taken. Were I your OC, my immediate next conversation after speaking to you would be with the ASM anyway in order to get the low down, so you might as well get top cover.
  6. He has a position of trust within the regt and has revealed certain confidential facts about me and another soldier to people in the regt, he's also used these facts to put two and two together and get five and started spreading a malicious (and untrue) rumour around the regt/estate about mine and the other soldiers family based on conclusions he's drawn from these facts.
  7. If the information he is "spreading" about you is from your Personnel/JPA record or from medical details etc then you need to be sure as suggested earlier in this thread you need evidence. Confront the individual (moral courage and all that). Then shop the cnut straight the CO via RSM. This is very much a Values & Standards issue, good luck

  8. av im, bang the fecker to rights. If he has abused that position of trust and you can prove it then go for the throat. However, by the sounds of things it may be an awkward situation? You have to think about the outcome and how many others will get dragged in.

    Perhaps the mess is the best solution.
  9. Sounds like your REME. If that is the case then try the ASM first as he may be more of a friendly face and able to offer better advice on the issue. It sounds like he, or whoever you approach, will already be aware of the situation. If you are that upset you need to take action if it could affect your career or future in the unit. Another suggestion may be to confront this person and get the facts straight. The two of you may be able to resolve things and do some damge limitation between you.
  10. Try the padre. He'll exorcise your demons.

    Failing that, you'll get some tea and biccies out of him!
  11. I detect that he could possibly be your families/welfare SNCO? If this is the case and he has betrayed a confidence, then my first point of call would be your unit Families/Welfare Office (i.e. his boss) who you can speak to in confidence.
  12. I would be inclined to use the Chain of Command as otherwise people are going to get thens***s with you for going over there heads. Speak to the ASM before you open a can of worms.He's probably in a better position to help/advise/arbitrate than someone fyrther up the chain who will immediately throw the whol;e weight of then system into gear and then there's no knowing where it will end. Before doing anything however , make sure you're fireproof.
  13. Resolve it between yourselves. What sort of impression are you giving your ASM and your LAD if the RSM gets wind of this.
    You have 3 stripes, you are members of the most revered institution in the world, grow UP.
  14. Grow - up???

    So basically you are saying it is fine for some bloke within the regt who I don't know to start relaying bits of info from my (and others) personal file(s) whilst he's on the piss and concocting malicious rumours from these.

    What the **** does "resolve it yourself mean"??? Am I supposed to go and ask him to kindly stop blabbering when drunk?? The damage is pretty much already done.
  15. loubella
    I think what Tytus… is alluding to is the time honoured fisty cuffs. As you are both in the Wo’s and Sgts’ mess you might want to wait until a games night then beat the crap out of him and put it down to high spirits.