Who did you vote for?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Ozduke asked a valid question,how many of us voted for Nue Liebour at the last election?
    I did'nt for one.
    Over to you.
  2. Self editing

  3. I did not. I hovered over the Raving Looney candidate but didn't - wish I had now!
  4. Having avoided the brain removal operation on the NHS I've never voted Labour. Why vote for those who want to do away with the Armed Forces? (and anything els that reeks of pride and commitment to country) ... or at least run them down to the level of a Ruritanian army
  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I do not care who votes for who as long as they at least vote.
  6. Who presided over the single wholesale reduction in Britain's armed forces over the last 50 years? John Major's conservative government, with the strategic defence review.

    So are you worse off now than you were 10 years ago? I bet few people can say that they are. Can't people remember 3 million unemployed under Thatcher's government? And John Major's government almost bankrupting the country and crashing our economy. The UK's economy is the envy of Europe and that's largely down to Gordon Brown.

    Finally, who do you think can run a country? David Cameron or Gordon Brown. And who is the most straightforward bloke of the two?

    Labour all the way.
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Hard choice - Weak shit or lying shit who is trying to give the impression that what ever happened over the last ten years had nothing to do with him :?
  8. Labour aren't fit to lick the skin off my sh*t!
  9. I'm glad to see a sane voice for once, cuts to ALL public funded services is the ethic of conservatism theirs is the policy of giving the funds that are needed to run all public services of which the Armed forcse are one, to thier own people in the form of tax cuts that benefit the upper classes, Labour policy has always been and will remain sharing the countries wealth with the working man and equlity for all, unfortunately in the rush to get rid of a discredited Conservative gov we elected a fool, hopefully the right man is in power now and will stop the sucking up to the press and bring some sort of order to government again.
  10. Why the shake up, next year, of tax/ni contributions to benefit people on £35k, and hit people on lower incomes then?

    Umm, maybe an election?
  11. Tish and feckin pish. So Labours policy is to share the nations wealth amongst the working man is it? well they can feck off my wealth is my wealth not feckin labours if they want to share their wealth they can crack on. I'll have a slice of that w@nker broons wage. Anti British that's labours policy. Systematic deconstruction of any form of establishment excepting their own communist crap. Brown is unelected in his present job and he was one of those shouting the loudest for an election when Major ascended the 'throne' so put up or shut up Broon. W@nker
  12. I think this is the most important thing as well, particually for us wimmin, I feel it is my duty after Emily Pankhurst et all faught so hard to get us the vote.

    You can't moan about the mistakes of the govenment if you didn't bother to get off your arse and try and vote for someone else ( or them for that matter)
  13. SDR was carried out at a time when we did not need umpteen divisions of armour sitting in Germany waiting for the Russian hordes. However Labour have continued to cut the armed forces at a time when they are being deployed more and more.
  14. Labour's reign has turned the majority of good normal people into a bunch or whingers (including myself), because the country just seems so, well ,crap at the moment.
  15. Brown has actually stated in all of later Budgets that he's presided over the longest sustained period of growth, then gives a figure that puts the start 4 years into the last Tory adminstration. Basically Broon carried on the Tories policies that they implemented after the fiasco of EMU. He's also presided over council tax rising at three times the inflation rate (twice the rate of pay increases), the colossal waste of money in the Iraq war, the NHS, the CSA. He's severely damaged the pensions of millions of workers.

    Brown may be more straightforwards but he's still a thieving bar-steward.