Who Did It? Kate McCann on Portuguese Hit List!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SlimeyToad, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. So she's now on the official suspect list, alongside Robert Thingy, Praetorian (the only one to openly confess so far) and MDN...........

    But what did she do?

    Drop kicked her across the room in a furore of sexual frustration when Gerry failed to bash her back doors in to her expectations?

  2. No she's not, her status is now as a suspect for a legal reason, allowing the Police to ask her certain questions that they couldn't before. It is a technicality.
  3. such as 'Did you do it?'??

    Edited to add, I'm sure this will end up in the hole if it isn't deleted)
  4. Ask her questions they couldnt before???? Or ask her did you do it, after fresh forensic evidence arrived from UK. Though i think its the Dad and Mum
  5. who cares anymore, seriously i felt sorry for them at first but now i'm bored of seing it every time i turn on the telly. made worse by the media reprting on any tiny bit of info they get
  6. Not being cruel but there are certain suspicious things regarding the parents, such as why did they give the British ex-pat community (when they organised a search oft he local area) a false description of Madeline's clothing thus wasting the entire effort, what happened in that missing hour they cannot account for, why was their first reaction to hire a team of six lawyers ratehr than private investigators and why they swiftly created a huge fund to pay for their prolonged stay in Portugal. Also, surely their other kids are now missing School and losing out on parental attention.

    Frankly I still don't understand why they left all their kids alone in their flat whilst they went for dinner. I'm not a parent but that seems ludicrous, especially somewhere like Portugal where restaurants are very family-friendly irrespective of the time.

    Whatever happens I seriously doubt that the poor girl is still alive and genuinely feel that someone should keep an eye on the remaining kids. Isn't there a statistic that most murderers are known to their victim?

    Just an opinion and I feel bad even writing it because there is a faint possibility that some paedo scum living in Portugal just took advantage of the lack of adults.

    Whatever happens I seriously hope that the truth emerges soon.
  7. i can't see there being a 'good' outcome in this, and even if - as is stasticly unlikely - the McCanns were not responsible for the girls death/disappearence, as Anon1 points out, there are some very serious questions the pair have to answer over their conduct on the night and their subsequent actions and statements.

    i'm afraid they've never struck me as 'rightuns' from day one - though in their defence over the 'Madelane fund', my understanding has been that the fund pays for the 'media campaign' and they themselves have paid for them staying in Portugal and all the associated costs of not being in the UK.

    be interesting to see who pays for the defence lawyers though....
  8. It looks as though Madeleine is becoming the Diana of the future and I'm sick to death of hearing theories on that 10 years on. Will we be seeing headlines in 2017 "Madeleine killed by Royals".
  9. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    There is an interesting thought! We could have 'Peoples concerts' in Hyde Park, with Gary and the Glitter ban headlining. We could appoint an ex Comissioner of Met Police to head the enquiry. Ian lair looks as if he might have some spare time in the future, or, Brian Paddick, he has good contacts.
    Panorama specials, and a '10 years on; what would she be doing?' documentary.
    I see a whole new career beckoning.
  10. Anon1 is correct. In over 80% of murders, the victim knows the murderer. Is Maddie dead though> This whole Maddie things is tragic and makes me angry but at the end of the day, Maddie is one of hundreds of kids that go missing. However tragic this case is, lets not lose sight of the fact that Maddie is not the only kid in this situation. As to who did it, i know not. But whatever the outcome and whomever they catch, lets hope they are given the kicking of their fcuking life again and again and again..........
  11. The whole thing stinks fishy, until they're proven innocent the parents are guilty as sin.

    Potentially she must be a bl00dy good liar which is a bit worrying for all her previous shags who she said were fantastic :x

    If I remember rightly Fred West said he was innocent and we all know the outcome of that
  12. And that Ian Huntley cnut.
  13. I doubt the true will ever be known but it is really interesting to see how "grief stricken" parents managed to drum up so much publicity and sympathy so quickly.

    Members of their family even referred to the PR stuff as "Brand Madeline."

    I agree strongly with previous comments that lots of other kids go missing and do not get as much publicity.

    Regardless of the outcome they have been called bad parents by leave 3 small children alone in a room while going out for a meal.
  14. I'd consider giving Mrs McCann a portion,

    if her arrse is as tight as her daughters was. :twisted:
  15. If they had been two chav parents who had been going out on the piss, the media would have been crawling all over them, but as they are both respectable members of the community etc etc then immediatley they cant be at blame for anything.

    Regardless of what happened to the poor girl, these so called parents have a lot to answer for, and why they should think they shouldnt be thought of as suspects i cant see why.

    Unfortunatly and sadly in todays society, they wouldnt be the first parents who were found guilty of killing one of their own children, but again there not from some council estate so cant be guilty of anything can they!!