Who did invent Pretty Woman title for the film?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by KGB_resident, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. In 1989, mr.X visited his friend, movie producer Arnon Milchan, in Hollywood. The two sat at a Warner Brothers' sound studio with the
    film's director Gary Marshall and listened to the soundtrack for a new romantic comedy starring a 23 year-old unknown actress (Roberts) and a movie star whose fame has already began to fade (Richard Gear).

    After about half-an-hour of listening to the soundtrack, an old song by Roy Orbison called "Pretty Woman' started playing. Mr.X, who was listening to the music with his eyes half-shut, suddenly turned to Milchan and Marshall and said: "Listen, I have an idea for you – why don't you call the movie 'Pretty Woman,' after the song?"

    Mr.X is a prominent politician, a prime minister.

    Hint: he is not Rt.hon.,learned mr.Blair.
  2. It only got this name because there was no song for "Thick Lipped Hooker Gets Lucky"
  3. "Forget it," Marshall replied, "it's too kitschy." Milchan, on his part, also had his doubts. But mr.X, already an experienced politician, managed to convince the two his idea was not so bad.

    Another hint: his party won on the recent parliamentary elections.
  4. That'll be the much maligned John Major. Oh how we ridiculed him at the time, but I'd swap him for phoney Tony in a New York minute.
    As for Richard Gere, I for one will never forget him, as he is the man who brought to my attention the peculiar practice of inserting small rodents into ones colon. Whatever gets you through the night Dicky.
  5. The original title was actually - 'American Dream: It Doesn't Matter if you Suck Dick for a Living Because You'll Probably Marry a Millionaire'.

    Sergey, was it Peter Mandleson?
  6. Ehud Olmert
  7. But party of mr.Major hasn't won any recent parliamentary elections.

    Another hint: father of mr.X was born in Russian city of Buguruslan.
  8. Agreed. Too easy question for you Arik.