Who did I do camp with


War Hero
Just finished.......


highlights were full BL's over a day followed by night ambush with batsim and pyros, exfil to Harbour area. bumped out at dawn by attack broke clean them reorged and took over a village, large counter attack beaten off. lots of large bangs. 400 rounds blank per cadet fired!

Ranges- ETR half APWT shoot 40 rounds per cadet then a cheeky 20 rounds per cadet on the moving target range- good results as well.

Include a visit and demo by special forces(real ones not walts)

Helicopter flight

And swimming and BBQ and last night party with live rock band follwed by dodgy Karaoke.

where and who?
Well, if you don't know... I don't either. :D


War Hero
So why do cadets get all that good stuff yet we didn't have enough rounds during basic training :evil:

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