Who decides whats pc ?????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OSACIN, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Please can someone tell me which bunch of cnuts decide whats pc and whats not - is there some little committee somewhere or what - for example - a local school decide to do a panto for christmas - they cant do the traditional nativity play because its not pc and might upset the hindus/muslims/buddists and any other non christian religion - so, they decide to do snow white and the seven dwarfs - which seemed pretty reasonable to me - however, the local education authority said no - its not pc - you can do snow white, or snow white and the seven gnomes or even snow white and her seven little helpers from the forest - but seven dwarfs is right out due to the mention of dwarfism - and while your at it - bashful has to go as well.
    what a load of crpa - along with not failing an exam its now deferring success - you cant call some one fat - what is going on ????????
  2. Saw this post and had to rant too. I was watching the local news yesterday about all this money that Camelot are sitting on and getting fat off the interest and they featured this organisation:-
    Being a bit of a local boaty, I know them and they pick up the areas where the RNLI don't, and believe me, the Severn estuary is a very dangerous stretch of water. Now they mentioned that over the last year they had saved 80 lives, but couldn't get any funding from Cnutalot because there weren't enough ethnic minorities within that 80 people???!!!!!!!???????
    God, my blood's still boiling!
  3. Who decides whats PC?

    Whoever kicks up the biggest fuss over being offended by the littlest most stupid thing.

  4. Ok, next Arrse crawl, in aid of Sara-rescue? Bristol 2006. Main event to be a game of Pooh Sticks under the Clifton bridge, MDN to suppy mongs to be used as sticks.

    Or is that now un-PC as well?
  5. Cant believe they think it should be changed to Snow White and Seven Gnomes - It really is getting out of hand. Dwarfs ARE small people, there is nothing prejudicial about it. It is not even the small people that are complaining!
  6. I totally understand changing the christmas panto to something everyone would like, but what the hell is wrong with people if they are going to complain about Snow White?

    The whole positive discrimination deal gets on my nerves also.

    I like to think its a group of bitter twisted old ladies that come up with what is and isn't pc, but I might be wrong...........
  7. You can't play Pooh sticks! You'd be encouraging over weight male characters to hang out in woods with little boys. That bear is obviously a paedo. For shame! "If it saves one life......, think of the children............," etc. etc...moral indignation ad nauseum...
  8. Now you're just being bear-ist, weight-ist and (probably, the way things are going) paedo-ist. Report immediately to the Dept of PC Retraining! :lol:
  9. I can't understand why the want to change the Chrimbo panto. Christmas is a Christian affair celebrated by Christians. If other religions wish to join in, then they have to adapt. The nativity is about the birth of Christ not about the birth of Allah or Budda. It may be a mixed school, but that's no excuse to change a Christian Celebration. If they are so offended, let's have the thing cancelled or attended by Christian children only. Just how many other non christian religious celebrations do they have in that school? HAve they changed them to suit Christian children?

    I can't see what they find offensive about it? If they are offended then let them stand up and say exactly what it is that offends them. Or is this a case of some local Diversity Nazi looking to further their own career by being more diverse than everybody else.

    I wouldn't dare complain that another religion wouldn't change it's history to suit me.

    How can you say that you understand this? What precisely is it that you understand?
  10. It's Christmas Panto CHRISTMAS.

    Not: BuddhaMas, MuslimMas, SihkMas, RagheadMas, VerticallychallengedMas etc

    It's been there for years - it's a Christian celebration. I bet plenty of vertically challenged folk have enjoyed this panto for years. The people that decide these things have been brought up in one of Bliars quangos and the edges are now so grey and blurry that the black and white of common sense is lost to them forever.

    Wonder who they have on the top of their Christmas tree??
  11. Biscuits have you not learned. You can not be UN PC if your target is a white christian hetrosexual male.

    Only minorities can feel hurt by the things people say and do.
  12. There is now a culture of ‘Can I say that?’ which means the left wing soap dodgers don’t have to decide if something is PC or not.

    But the general public now seem to decide that something isn’t PC and then attack it.

    For example I was having a discussion with someone about doing an IS lesson, and his only concern was my use of the word terrorist.

    So what do I call them instead ‘Our Friends of a geometrically opposed historical and political background’?

    Mind you if I could just call them ‘Cnuts’ instead!
  13. Well I meant I can understand people's problem with a Christian panto in a school, when in this day and age religion technically has no place in a state school.
    What I should have added was that I don't think they are actaully right to be complaining, I just can see where they are coming from.
    In fact when I was a child I would have quite liked to have celebrated different religious festivals with children of differing religions.
  14. FAir points. If that is the case in this instance then perhaps the school should cancel all religious celebrations. I would imagine however, that by doing so that there will be a bigegr uproar amongst the non christian communities as they treat religion with far more reverence that we do.
  15. Which just goes back to what Steven said, it's only wrong if it affects minorities.