Who decides green fleet speed limits?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by plant_life, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. Which brain box decided that the speed limit for FFRs with Bowman in is 40mph? Why does the Army insist on stamping speed limits that are slower than the legal ones on our vehicles?
  2. The weight of BOWMAN decided that one - they cant go that much faster than 40 with all the kit fitted.
  3. cause they are dodering old dinosaures who only drive on sunday morning in their vintage slow mobile
  4. Trust me, a Landie can go faster than 40mph with all the Bowman swag fitted!! It's not just this one that hacks me off. You see the gay stickers in 4 tonners etc that say speed on dual carriage way 40mph, motorway 50mph. Thats 10mph slower than the legal limit, you end up being a menace to other road users because you are going that slow and the people stuck behind you and chuntering like fcuk about Army drivers.
  5. Trust me they can get up to about 45 max. But the speed limit is because the kit makes the vehicle top heavy add that with speed - unstable. I have suffered sitting in the passenger seat of a bowmanised rover - 50 downhill with a good run up. Should have bought pinzgauers.
  6. Definatly the better option to get pinzgauers. When is the rover fleet getting scrapped away way? Just think of all the fcuking about stripping out all the kit and getting it refitted! I'm glad I won't be involved in that!
  7. but pinz is being phased out too once we run out of parts...
  8. Is this billy smart's circus or the British Army?
  9. Tyre type and composition has a major say in safe speed for any vehicle.

    Army vehicles tend to have some ghastly compromise tyre not quite good enough for off road married up to not quite good enough for on road unless you keep the speed down (and why not you don't get paid more for driving faster!).

    60 (or higher) in a LRover is great until you need to stop in a hurry or take other evasive action. Keep the speed down it's not just your own life at risk.
  10. F@ck that
    95mph, full section and kit in the trailer,in a V8 defender 110 from Hadrians wall to Cheshire , you could see the fuel gauge needle dropping faster than a t@rts drawers on a promise.
  11. Wow - I'm so impressed. Sure it was only 95? Surely despite all that weight and the trailer, with the known capabilities of that particular model it must be capable of going so much faster. :roll:

    Assuming it was true though - what would happen if that vehicle combination connected with, say, a Renault Scenic with 1 lady driver and a cabin full of kids?

    Wonder how many arrse memebers have got wives and children using the same roads you're driving so professionally on?

    And you think fuel consumption is the significant issue? It's individuals like you that bring the Army into disrepute - please don't.
  12. Quote - "I'ts individuals like you than bring the army into disrepute" Unquote..................

    And it's boring REMF's like you that make people join the French Foreign Legion!
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Because you crash them.
  14. You stupid pri*k
  15. can't say I've ever crashed any sort of vehicle. The few accidents we've had in my unit are not speed related.