Who dares say education is failing in this country?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. Must be well chuffed
  2. Why the feck did I bother geting a masters. I went up to London by train three times a week - what would I get for that?
  3. Checks calendar......


    The alternative being?

    Education has decended into self parody. As if there was any doubt, we are doomed.
  4. He could get into the Really Large Corps with that.
  5. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I hate to query the requirements of this test but:

    Stand or sit at the bus stop - What's the alternative? Line dancing with other people?

    Be directed to a downstairs seat by a member of staff - I've never been told where to sit by the driver and even if I was do I need to get a bit of paper allowing me to be told to do something by someone else?

    Wait until bus has stopped, stand on request and exit the bus - sorry but if you don't hit the button stand up 100m before hand and repeat to the driver you want to get off he'll go straight past the stop. When was the last time you were 'requested' to stand up and exit by the driver?

    Seriously do the people setting these standards meet the real world occassionally? or have they just done the distance learning course?

  6. That may be so Barbara dear, but a qualification has got to be of some worth, not just to the person who earnt it but to an employer also. I think employers take the ability by an employee to get to a place of work by any means as a given.
    What a shambles this country is in.... :roll:
  7. Don't look at this negatively. The more morons the State churns out the more opportunity there is for those with a bit of intellectual horsepower to make some serious money/fill the top jobs.

  8. What's wrong with giving this as a self-confidence booster to somebody who has a learning disability? And what I mean by that is somebody who has such a low IQ (not dyslexia, ADHD etc), they have to live in care because they are unable to look after themselves. So I doubt they're ever likely to apply for any meaningful job.

    I think the only thing wrong with what happened is the qualification was given to somebody who is 'normal'. Still, don't let that stop the Mail from using it as an excuse to peddle its skewed view of society.
  9. I'm only surprised that there isn't a former poly somewhere offering a degree in it. Who says we're not maintaining standards in education?
  10. Exactly A_L, giving this to 'normal' people is a waste of time and money and demeans it as a qualification. Going back a few years I used to drive a minibus part time ferrying pupils to and from a special school, most suffered from severe autism. This kind of thing would`ve been ideal as a sort of life skill qualification, as you say, to help boost their confidence, and is exactly the kind of sector this should be aimed at.
  11. I've worked with people like that too - but vulnerable adults - which is exactly who I thought this qualification would be good for. But granted, if the idea of the youth scheme that this lad attended was to give normal, healthy kids pointless certificates than I agree it's probably a waste of money.

    Although to be fair, doesn't basic training give people all manner of useless qualifications now - stuff like NVQ level 1 in security, fire safety etc?
  12. Some Castleshort type arrse will be along soon to establish an institute of getting out of bed, complete with subscriptions (natch) post nominal letters. Fellows will be those who can make a brew.

    Foundation Degrees are already being promotoed as degrees rather than a foundation for a degree. Joe Bloggs received his degree from.... It's a fcuking diploma.
  13. Presumably the public school equivalent will be a certificate for hailing a cab to Harrods. :roll:
  14. I do wonder what is the point of foundation degrees, when the existing HND system seemed perfectly adequate.