Who Dares Burns

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. I bought Mr Bossy who loves hot chilli etc, a chilli sauce off the natternet called 'Insane daves hot chilli sauce' According to the bottle, it strips grease off driveways etc.
    Mr B tasted a dab of it on the tip of his tongue and after copious amounts of water and his face glowing for hours, he managed to croak it was very hot indeed.
    The bottle is still in the cupboard untouched some 12 months later :D
  2. Marie Sharps (Belize) is my favourite bottle of the stuff...... not the hottest but perfect accompany for any meal..... ive been nursing a bottle for the last 6 months. :x
  3. Both sauces are a bit gay and only come in at 95k and 200k, if you fancy something a bit hotter try a sauce with Naga Morich Peppers...lol.

    Who Dares Burns comes in at 95,000 scovilles

    Who Dares Burns 2nd Assault comes in at 200,000 scovilles

    16,000,000 Pure Capsaicin
    9,100,000 Various capsaicinoids
    5,300,000 Law Enforcement Grade Pepper Spray
    1,598,227 Naga Morich (Unofficial Record)
    1,001,304 Bhut Jolokia (Official Record)
    900,000 Dorset Naga
    577,000 Habanero Savina Red
    425,000 Habanero Chocolate
    400,000 Caribbean Red
    350,000 Fatalli
    350,000 Habanero Orange
    325,000 Scotch Bonnet
    365,000 Tepin (Chiltepin)
    348,000 TigrePaw-NR
    325,000 Devil Toung
    300,000 Datil
    300,000 Antilliais Carribean
    300,000 Bahamian
    265,000 Tepin (Wild)
    225,000 Birds Eye
    200,000 Jamaican Hot
    150,000 Rocoto Rojo
    150,000 Kumataka
    125,000 Carolina Cayenne
    115,000 Tabiche
    100,000 Merah
    100,000 Thai
    80,000 Haimen
    75,000 Red Amazon
    75,000 Yatsafusa
    75,000 Pequin Pepper
    70,000 NuMex XX Hot
    58,000 Piquin
    50,000 Super Chilli
    50,000 Cayenne Pepper
    50,000 Jaloro
    50,000 Aji
    50,000 Santaka
    30,000 De Arbol
    30,000 NuMex Barker's Hot
    30,000 Shipkas
    30,000 Aji Pepper
    23,000 Serrano pepper
    17,000 Hidalgo
    17,000 Aji Escabeche
    10,000 Puya
    10,000 Hot Wax Pepper
    10,000 Chipotle
    8,500 Long Thick Cayenne
    8,000 Jalapeno
    5,000 Guajillo
    5.000 Mirasol
    5,000 Bulgarian Carrot
    3,000 Pulla
    2,500 Tabasco Sauce
    2,500 Sandia
    2,500 Anaheim Pepper
    2,000 Pasilla Pepper
    2,000 Ancho Pepper
    2,000 Espanola
    2,000 Poblano
    2,000 Ancho
    2,000 Mulato
    2,000 Pasilla
    1,500 New Mexico 6-4
    1,500 TAM Mild Jalapeno
    1,000 Nu Mex Pepper
    1,000 Coronado
    750 Santa Fe Grande
    700 El-Paso
    600 Sonora
    500 Pepperoncini
    500 Pimento Pepper
    0 Bell Peeper
  4. Dam- no wonder I can't eat a paste I got made from Habanero Savina Red - 577,000 on the scale.
  5. If it's hot on the way in - it's even hotter on the way out. Don't do it!!!

    If you must have a go then put a toilet roll in the fridge.

    If it's too hot, you'll taste none of the flavours - why not lick batteries instead? :D
  6. Freezer more like :)

    It does look suprisingly like lime pickle (with the lumps of lime removed), stitch up coming methinks :twisted:
  7. Dorset Nagas eh? My dad helped develop that line! MAke a cracking chilli sauce, al you have to do is sort of wave it above the pan and whatever you're cooking will become lava hot!
  8. And you now need surgery on your ring!!???

    Should've had a mild kurma mate :D
  9. Lets face it, there is no fun in the effects of "Daves incedibly hot sauce" etc. That sort of stuff is unpleasant. It's designed to make you feel uncomfortable or even painful. There is nothing brave or clever about shitting yourself or being in pain.

    I know that chillis get the endorphins going, and that they're good, but I find that the Encona Hot sauce is plenty spicy enough to get the tongue going. That'll do me thanks.
  10. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I bought some stuff in New Orleans called 'Burn in hell Osama'.

    Just thinking about it is painful.
  11. My mate Dave, used to eat curries for breakfast, dinner and tea. I called round to his apartment one Sunday morning and found him unconscious. I rang for an ambulance and he was taken to hospital.
    I rang the hospital Sunday night to find out how he was.
    Unfortunately he was in a korma.
  12. I'm stealing that!!!! :D