Who cut your hair love...the Council?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_AB, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone seen that dark haired thing who reports on Londons Traffic on the box in the morning?

    Who the f*ck cut her hair?

    It looks like she did it herself.
  2. in the dark

    with a brick

    i agree biscuits , the words "special needs" spring to mind whenever i see her
  3. James Nesbitt?
  4. [​IMG]

    You on about this creature?

    Agree, it looks like she combs her head with a thunderflash. Last time I saw hair like that was at the Nurburgring in '76 partly attached to Mr Lauda. (Antoher claim to fame, I was at the 'Ring in '76 when old rubber face whacked it into the barrier).
  5. that's the one ...... tries to come across as all "hoxton cool"

    when in fact she looks more "big issue"
  6. To quote a WO2 of increasing fame: "Nice hair love, come on your bike?
  7. David Blunketts dog is her stylist by the look of it :twisted:

    Is she related to Ruby Wax?
  8. More like related to Candle feckin Wax. Munter.
  9. You'd still shag it though with yours or anyone else's.

  10. sh*t , i feel well out of order .... what if its chemo ? :D
  11. No mate I reckon she's addicted to her rabbit and plugs it straight into the mains for a more impressive belt :lol:
  12. So, you like your bints to have skin like parchment, and, tracks up their arms, not to mention wearing wigs as well.

    Your point IS..........................?

    :lol: :twisted:
  13. looks like she's running a kango rock drill of a hi cycle generator then ....

    she should of remembered that earthing spike.

    mind you , saying that theres another one who does the traffic for london in the morning that kicks the arrse right out of being an early morning munter , gauranteed to destroy any morning wood , ginger .... yes ginger hair tied into tight plats with a bum head centre parting , and "roland" glasses..... and fat !!!
    she smuggles her own plate into the "eat all you can" buffet

    it's tectonic.
  14. If its chemo she should wear a hat. Anyway, since when did you develop a conscience shortfuse?

    Back on track though, I'd have a pop.
  15. Nothing wrong with cutting one's own hair,....... been doing mine for years.

    And 'Yes', I am referring to the hair on my head! :wink:

    It looks fine, but one gets a little fed up with even the 'general maintainance' of extremely long hair, the length of time it takes just to wash and dry it,..... it's a nightmare when you have to be somewhere with not much time to spare! I just wish I had the courage to go and get it all chopped off...... oh how liberating that would be! :D

    Maybe I should run a poll in the naafi? :?: