Who could play Flashman?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Sir_Sidney_Ruff_Diamond, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Due to cost/location etc it is unlikely that there will ever be a good TV/film version of any of the Flashman novels, which is a shame.

    However if there was I would vote for Stephen Mangan of Green Wing fame to step into the boots of the nation's favourite fictional cad.

    His performance as Dr Secretan had just the right amount of bullying, bluster, aggession and cowardice to do the job IMHO.
  2. Rhys Ifans - no question. I know he's Welsh but if you've seen his portrayal of Peter Cook, there could be no other modern era Flashy.
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Tony Bliar - you can't get much more arrogant than that 8)
  4. Malcolm MacDowell did a good job in the seventies.
  5. What about Prince Harry? After all it looks as if he ain't going anywhere else in his army career.
  6. Rik Mayall could reprise Alan B'stard as Flashman - I have always felt there was something of the new stateman about flashy.

    I don't like the books as much now I've read GMF's autobio 'Quartered Safe out Here.' Bitter poisonous ranty stuff interspersed with some quite interesting jungle warfare.
  7. No. He did not.

    Maybe David Tennant, he has the build for it and can play arrogant (q.v. Casanova and Dr W)?

    Or me?? No probably not me...
  8. I could picture a heavily be-whiskered Martin Clunes in the role.

    It probably comes down to have you've visualised Old Flashy in your reading, which is not always the same as the written description.

    I've always imagined a big, strapping fella with a lascivious, leery twinkle. Clunes in his 'Men Behaving Badly' days would have fitted the physical bill, swaggering a bit with chest puffed out he would have conveyed the parodic elements well I think.

    I would be wary of any dramatisation only because I fear a PC, truncated and emasculated Flashy would either be too buffoonerised (in order to pass 'production value' judgment on the imperial enterprise) or rendered too proto-social worker to make him acceptable to the liberal palate.
  9. Clunesy not a bad choice.

    Lets not wrapped up in the how's the why's and the do you mind if I don'ts.

    However I am sticking with Dr Secretan.
  10. richard e grant

    or johny depp;)
  11. Russell Crowe maybe? - nah, too old now, as is the old git Clunes. I'll stick with Rhys Ifans. Anyone else is just wrong.
  12. I always thought Peter Bowles would make a good Flashy though he's a bit old now. Martin Clunes with dyed hair and cavalry whiskers could carry it off. The others mentioned are all either too short or too skinny.
  13. there was an episode of the South Bank Show showcasing GMF, with Bowles acting out the role of Flashy as an old man reading his memoires to a pert servant girl. He was magnificent, just as I'd imagined Flashy to be!
  14. Ben Nealon - He who was Capt Forsythe in soldier soldier?
  15. Heath Ledger?

    Showed a talent for the comedic in Knight's Tale but showed he could age convincingly over the course of a movie in Brokeback Mountain.

    Perfect for a series of films as Flashy ages or for a Little Big Man style recollection to start one off before he appears all youthful?