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Who collects what?

Let's see who collects what on these boards.

My primary area of interest is award documents, paperwork and photographs relating to North Norway and Finland during WWII, ie. German stuff by and large. In particular stuff to the Mountain and Ski troops.

I also collect medals to the Royal Artillery.

I used to go in for German medals and cloth items but gave it up 6 years or so ago due to the huge amount of fakes on the market, not to mention the prices.
RAMC Collectables mostly Medals at the moment, but have just started getting hold of WW1 RAMC silk postcards to display. Swords, Guns only muscetts at the moment. Victorian gothic furniture and ornaments, Ciggy cards military only, unusual medical items, Blue and white china all Copeland Spode, RAMC Cap badges now picking up the commonwealth ones to improve the collection as I have all the british one's except the QVC other ranks helpet plate. Been collecting for about 20years now.

DD. :D
1939-45 Aviation memorabilia, mostly concentrating on the BoB , instruments, Gunsights etc. I also have a REVI gunsight out of a 110, but the upper optics are shot.

Couple of nice bits of flying clothing, including a Type B Helmet and mask, A 1939 Mae West , Irvin Jacket (Flying ) that used to belong to John Cunninhams navigator and other bits. Still on the lookout for a pair of 1936 Pattern Flying boots (Sheepskin Legs, leather uppers)
I've collected Cap Badges for years, and related collar dogs and titles.
In a smaller way uniform pieces.

Concentrating now on UK and Canadian Scottish Regiment items.

DD, if you are collecting Medical corp stuff from the Commonwealth I have some unissued brass buttons to RCAMC, from the WW2, early '50s era.
Some from a few other Corps as well. RCE, CIntC, etc
RCSignals, Thanks for the offer but I am just concentrating on cap badges at the moment. If i diversify any more with the list of things I collect the wife will have a fit!!!!

Cheers mate. DD
I collect any Army Ordnance Department, Army Ordnance Corps, Royal Army Ordnance Corps items.

Any British Army items from 1900 to the present day, mainly concentrating on period 1900-1920, inc deacts.

I also buy and sell militaria
I also collect anything related to the Royal Army Ordnance Corps and its predecessors, as well as RLC items on the basis that the Ordnance lives on somewhere in that transport dominated maze.

Sites at bottom of page illustrate both collections.
1939-45 Aviation memorabilia, mostly concentrating on the BoB , instruments, Gunsights etc. I also have a REVI gunsight out of a 110, but the upper optics are shot.
I grew up on the Isle of Wight, a mate of mine who eventually went into the RGJ had a Hurricane in his back garden, or rather it was 20ft down in the clay. It was shot down whilst attacking He111's on the 11th July 1940. The pilot bailed out injured.
Parts were dug up in '82 by the Tangmere group but we kids used to pick up bullets, but's of fabric from the dingy and other small items. The family had various bits of it too as i remember, including the gun camera.
I collect items connected with Rhodesia, especially the British South Africa Police, RLI/RAR and PSYCORPS.

I am also interested in Yeomanry items, the RAF, UOTC / Cadets, Hong Kong and Military/colonial police.

Best items are my grandfathers WW2 flying gear and BSAP SB shield.

Note the emphasis.

armourer said:
British grenades, (inert.)
I would have written Inert Grenades (British).


There are regular finds of WW2 vintage ordnance on the beach near my parents house. Light mortar rounds and stuff mostly. Biggest was what turned out to be a air dropped smoke bomb. Found by a schoolfriend who came to my house as A) its the nearest and b) I was a cadet sergeant and therefore an authority on these matters (so she thought). EOD were calle and the EOD WO apparently walks on to the site and makes the sage comment "Yse, Its a Bomb" picks it up and walks off.
armourer said:
Cutaway said:
Rifles, mainly self-loading............ because I can !

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Git :wink:
Yep! He a git all right. :roll:

Lee Enfields mainly (cos I cant have anything self loading except .22 :( ) with a couple of Sniders and a Martini Henry which I haven't shot yet but hope to do so next year providing I can do a sensible reloading job on it.

Would also like to collect cup dischargers but technically a section 1 item, but when fitted to said rifle suddenly becomes section 5...........Oh bugger!
It sounds like they got the surface clutter , what about the rest of the aircraft. Is it in clay?

If you have the book 'The Battle of Britain: Then and Now' you'll find the entry and a sentence or two on what was recovered, page 320. As i understand it they recovered the engine, instruments panel and other odds and sods from the cockpit. Obviously it piled in at a rapid rate of knots so the engine and cockpit ended up pretty deep down. the wings were ripped off and i imagine guns etc. were removed. I'm sure there's stuff still left but i'd reckon it's mostly mangled bits of metal.

Also in the area where i grew up there was a searchlight battery, a coastal fort and bit's and pieces to do with the preparations for D-Day. Great fun exploring all that as a kid.

Now that i live in North Norway i have even more fun in the summer going digging old positions and dumps. Can't touch the aircraft wrecks though....however a mate of mine has a very nice armoured pilots seat from a Ju188, not from a wreck but from an airfields aircraft dump. This year i found a nice ring sight for an MG81, as used in aircraft like the Ju87D and Ju88. 8)

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