Who can the british army NOT beat in a war

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheViciousRabbit, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. I am just wondering your points of view on theis topic:

    Who can the british army NOT beat in a war

    Give me a list of countries we could not, in your opinion beat in a war. Just a few rules.


    1. No nukes
    2. No allies, either side.
    3. We have all troops available, i.e not deployed else where, no sick lame and lazy.
    4. We are defending
  2. Im gonna say the Chinese, in terms of numbers and the fact that you say we are defending, the attrition rate would favour the Chinese, they would be able to take massive losses and just keep coming. Also like many East asian troops (Vietnamese, Gurkha, Japanese) they just dont give up, ever!! However quality and not quantity could defninately be the order of the day, and there is no finer Army than the British and we have some half-decent kit. Maybe we wouldn't lose after all......

    Cheers Easy!
  3. I think you are onto something there but..... hasn't history proven the Afghans to be an adversary against whom we cannot win?

    Maked me shudder to think, that we have been placed in that position yet again by stupid politicians (isn't stupid a very powerful word!?)
  4. UK Based lawyers. En masse waves of law suites would soon thin our numbers.
  5. mnb: no mate Vicious said we were defending, afghans only make A1 guerillas

    aight, we have two aircraft carriers( as a bynote the septics have more in the 7th fleet), China has one of the worlds largest air forces and standing armies with fully modern equipment, i think we would get raped.

    ditto N Korea
    and of course the US has monstrous amounts of materiel beyond the rest of the world.
  6. Yeah, I think we would be asking for trouble with any of the big players from the east. It's pretty much going to come down to numbers with that lot, so all those countries that could mobilize huge numbers of ground troops.

    And of course, we only have a professional Army, so we'd have to be pretty sharpish with conscription. And we lack the advantage that America has with every one of those bastards owning a gun.

    So, countries I would NOT like to see knocking on our door with big guns:

    USA (although the logistical task if they had no allies in Europe would make it tough for them)
    Most of European countries really, they are all quite well trained and well equipped. Not that we would lose to many of the other Euros, but we'd lose our advantage with latest tanks and aircraft for example. And I like our Euro neigbours.

    Countries I think we could take, BRING IT ON:
    N.Korea, oh no, scary N.Koreans got 50 billion men, but I think we would royally fuçk them in the ass if they tried it bring it on our land. I'm not convinced of their military power in the air, sea and with the heavy stuff on land.
    Any South Americans, central Americans etc.
    Any of the other Asian countries.
    All of Africa.

    Yeah come on, who wants it!? But anyway, this is my uneducated opinion in this matter, someone will probably come and debunk my thoughts, but that's okay.
  7. Neither of which have effective maritime capability. So take into account attrition as they fought through numerous countries to get to us.
  8. So how would you rate our chances against Iran with no support from the Yanks ?
  9. Realistically, it comes down to how much ammo we've got stockpiled.

    Government penny pinching would lead me to believe that we'd run out of bullets, and therefore loose, against any country with a population of over 1M.

    Thats why Iran is laughing, we couldn't possibly take them on.

  10. Again if defensive they don't really have the maritime cpabaility to threaten us. Our posistion locationally and geographically is one of the reasons we have remained reasonably secure over the ages.
  11. Going IN on our own, not really. As the thread states and with them coming to us, yeah, sure.
  12. Personally, I don't think the Yanks would support Iran in a conflict with us. If it did happen, I guess the "special relationship" would be well and truly past history. :lol:
  13. Interesting thread. All things considered I believe firmly that man for man, ie if we had 98,000 they had 98,000 we would beat any army out there.

    We obviously are up there in terms of equipment capability and we have by far the best trained and loyal soldiers. Pound for pound we'd batter most enemy. Apart from the Health and Safety chaps...
  14. Realistically, fighting a defensive campaign almost always results in a war of attrition. Any country with an impressive numerical advantage would probably get us in the end.

    I suppose the only thing working in our favour is the size of our beloved island. Small landmass means moving troops around could be done within a few hours. Depends how well we could stop them before they even get to our shores though.

    When was the last time our surface-to-air capability was truly tested? Was it the Falklands?
  15. The simple fact is that any operation above a Sierra Leone type operation is probably beyond the current capabilites of the UK military on its own. We don't really scare anyone these days.