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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by steeraway, May 13, 2004.

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  1. Having been in a hiring for the last 2 years (since moved back to padsville), I was required to erect a fence as the landlord was not interested in doing the repair in a reasonable timeframe. It was agreed by the support unit that I should go ahead, then be reimbursed for the costs and I have a signed letter confirming this. The landlord has shown no interest in reimbursing me and we are now 10 months down the line.

    The admin office responsible has now closed and the problem has gone to another admin office who have absolutely no interest in helping me.

    I have since left the property and, short of the childish option of breaking down the fence (difficult now that I'm based in a different country), what recourse do I have to be reimbursed for my costs?
  2. If the support unit gave an undertaking to reimburse you, you should be reimbursed - you acted reasonably and in good faith. Your contract will be with the Army, and they then have a contract with the landlord. So, your remedy must be against the Army; it's for them to deal with the landord.

    If you feel you aren't getting anywhere with the current support unit, and you aren't able to go above their heads, I would be inclined to see a solicitor. Many will do the first appointment for othing, so you can find out where you stand. I would also tell the support unit that, in the absence of a satisfactory response from them you intend to take legal action.
  3. Write to Soldier Mag - everyone else does and it seems to get things moving. Whatever you do don't write to your MP as the MOD hate answering questions that way.
  4. Try putting in a 1771 with the letter from your admin officer as the authority. You should be reimbersed. I'm in a hiring at the moment with a fallen down fence (8 months ago) and I sympathise with you!
  5. 1771 Now why didn't I think of that? But won't my new unit just say the 1771 will have to go to the old unit and the problem will continue? I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. if they refuse to action your 1771, you can always redress! remind them that they can investigate it if they like - after all it is not a false claim.
  7. Before the claim can be paid it will require an IAC (Internal Accounting Code) and a Budget UIN against which to charge the expenditure. Both of these should be quoted on your letter of authority, if not then go back to the issuer and request them - a unit won't be able to settle your claim without them!
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