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I'm due to finish my termination leave at the end of this month, but due to a data compare carried out last year, a public debt recovery was raised against me (without myself or my AGC Det being made aware) for about £3000, just in time for Decembers pay statement.

The legalities behind this show that this debt should be written off (without getting too much into it). Correspondence between the JPA help desk and myself and my FSA has been, to be put simply, useless.

Twice I have sent off faxes requesting write off action (with all the appropriate forms, and stating other instances when write off action had occurred) and always got back the answer "we'll let you know next week". December was a lot of "next weeks" ago. Chasing this up always got me the answer "I'll have to find the casework, and I'll get back to you as soon as." Not once did I get a reply.

Obviously, the dept recovery will not be complete by the time I'm out, so the Army will be asking me for the money, but, as the money should have been never taken in the first place, I make it somewhere in the region of £2000 is due back to me.

Who should I go to for advice on resolving this matter. I have no faith in my former pay office, and cannot find on the RBL website anything that seems appropriate. Would the Citizens Advice Bureau be the way forward or will I have to go the route of the small claims court?

Any advice would be appreciated.
I will not bore you to death with the finer details of my case.

When I was discharged in Sept 1993 from the Army they owed me £700, a RAPC pay clerk told me that he would chase this up for me but to no avail.

I contacted the Command Pay Office, I spoke to a named individual a civvy who did seem too concerned about my plight, so in desperation I contacted my local CAB they advised me to

1) Type a letter to the department concerned send, this via registered mail so that someone has to sign for it, also you have a record of the date of postage

2) Post it on the first day of a working week-Monday am.

3) Speak to the department concerned try, and get a named individual

4) If no reply by Friday of that week then I was advised to contact the CAB who would then take case forward.

5) Keep a copy of the letter

This is what I did to the letter, on the Friday of that week I had £560 credited to bank account.

Hope this helps.

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