Who can find the best online totty?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SurveyCommando, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. I've been wondering why my housemates have been spending so much time on the internet recently. The answer is simple, the sad fcukers have been trying to chat-up birds online on this site: http://www.faceparty.com

    Being the inquisitive sort, I had a shufty myself. Seems that its jam-packed with crumpet taking some "artistic" photos of themselves (nothing too hardcore though as I'm fcuked if i'm going to pay to look at the 'adult' pictures - I know how old I am, bollocks to paying a computer to tell me i'm old enough to look at filth).

    Get searching lads, who can find the fittest bird or muckiest picture (without the adult verification thing)? Post the pictures up on here

    My entry - Finnish Lesbian. Phwoar!

  2. you think?
  3. not a bad arrse, she could do with a bit of a feed tho :?
  4. There's any number of cracking ones...but you can't post images in here directly can you? And the link won't work if it is pasword-protected.
  5. Nasty bruise on her arm..she needs to see a doctor...and a full physical exam just in case its serious...
  6. I can find some right disgusting women, and post there piccys with out a age verification thing, but since they are all hardcore porn thats free i dont think i will bother as i dont think arrse wants loads of piccys of birds sucking off dogs and stuff.
  7. Er, Lets not be too hasty, Sabre.
  8. am i not the best online totty?

    *fcuks off to the corner to weep like the hormonal cow she is!*
  9. you gonna post some smutty piccys of you then Beanz to prove it??
  10. them.pussy
    Much as I hate too admitt it The Booties have most of one wall dedicated to

  11. PS. I could go on for ages but I think you have the idea by now.
    PPS. All mine FCUK onest.puppies

  12. Ok I tried to be nice about it, this is an open site that cadets and even worse OTC can read without parents permission,

    We don't require to corrupt them by picture form within this site IMO, and as i am one of the trainset holders in the NAAFI it is my opinion that counts.
  13. my input .
  14. I thought Mary Whitehouse had kicked the bucket, but she is alive and unwell on her arrse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nay Blurs New Model Army is Politically Correct and must not be led down the twisted path, that the degenerates of my age travelled.
    john hanging my head in shame.