Who burnt down the White House (Aug 23rd, 1814)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bromhead, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. Does anybody know which regiment was responsible for the White House being burnt down during the War of 1812, nowhere on the internet does it ever specify which regiments were in Washington at the time. Also does anybody know any good books (still in print) on the war in general as it seems to be one of those conflicts that's been glossed over by history.
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  2. The Regiments at the Battle of Bladensburg were:

    21st Royal Scots Fusiliers (now 1 RHF)
    44th East Essex (now 2 R Anglian)
    85th Royal Bucks LI (now 2 LI)
    York Militia (Canadian)
    Royal Marines and RN.

    plus possibly a couple of others. I believe it was the York (Toronto) Militia that fired the Capitol building, under the command of a RN officer.
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  3. Wasn't it the Lancashire Fusiliers???

    Not too sure why it comes to mind.

  4. Hmm, it's certainly not glossed over in the States, I was in the Southern States last year and in their Malls they have some awesome bookshops, Borders I think they were called, the History sections were crammed solid of both the War Of Independence and Civil War as well as the War of 1812, shed loads on the Battle Of New Orleans where the Americans totally destroyed the British, killing several thousand with the loss of something ridiculous like 11 men! no wonder we don't hear much about that particular battle! these were experienced Battle hardened British troops who had fought in the Napoleonic Wars! the Historians do say though if Britain had sent more than the 5,000 or so Troops they would have definitely taken America; hard to fathom after getting our arses kicked the 1st time around and considering at the time a large % of Americans who defeated the British were of British descent!!!
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  5. Yes, that's quite right. The RN ofiicer was an Admiral Cockburn. The incidents are detailed quite well in an old book I bought ages ago (not sure if it's still in print) called "When We Burned The White House" by Andrew Tully. I've got a copy somewhere, if I can find it among the MFO boxes, I'll dig it out and get a definitive answer for you.
  6. "Wasn't it the Lancashire Fusiliers???"

    I understand that in the old Regt Meuseam there is a Portrait of the LF (to be) officer who commanded the troops who burned down the White House.
  7. I wish we could claim that one, but alas we have to be satisfied with executing the 'insurgents' who orchestrated the Boston Tea Party!!
  8. Yeah Lancs Fusileers as far as i know. Read it in some write up by some dude. Not an actual book. Titled "dont tackle the northern hackle" or something daft like that. I'll try and dig it out. Full of interesting crap if that tickles ur ring!
  9. Could this turn out to be a good old. We were the first unit into legoland type argument. Oh bugger these do my head in
  10. British regiments at the sacking of Washington were:

    4th of Foot (Lancasters)

    21st Of Foot (North British - later Royal Scots Fusiliers)

    44th of Foot (East Sussex - later Essex)

    85th Of Foot (Bucks - later KOSLI)

    Royal Marines

    General Ross was a KOSB who later commanded the 20th (Lancashires).
  11. GDav
    Without wishing to sound like an anorak (and failing miserably!!) 21st Foot were Royal North British Fusiliers, later Royal Scots Fusiliers and now Royal Highland Fusiliers. General Ross was a former CO of 20th Foot, (later Lancashire Fusiliers), that'd explain his portrait in their museum. The 20th weren't in the American campaign, due to being stationed in Ireland, after the Peninsular War (some things never change!!)

  12. I appreciate you pointing out my mistake mate. I'll go back and correct that in case I put anyone off on the wrong foot. I should point out though that Gen Ross was in several regiments before assuming a staff command:


    The 21st was indeed the North British Fuziliers, later known as the Royal Scots Fusiliers.

    Put it down to my hasty reading :)

    Ross was actually Irish though - he came from Rosstrevor, Co Down. a familiar place to many of us.
  13. Have one of the Fusilier HQ's still got a captured US flag type thing from said arson session that the septics still want back or does it not exist???

  14. the Canadians are very proud of thier part in torching the white house,

    they are still singing about it today............................

    Evil Canadian propaganda

  15. Ross would be best candidate, 20th later became the LF.