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I recently got some good advice from this forum regarding press ups. Well I'm back again!!

I would never stay my fitness has ever been great, just average and I admit that recently I haven't been following any set training pattern just as and when I could be assed.
However I was amazed that when I went out running yesterday (Ready to really go for it and start the summer with a vengeance) for about 40 minutes I was absolutely awful. Several months ago I was running about 5-10 miles quite regulary and I'm not naieve enough to think I could pick up where I had left off a few months ago but I can honestly say I would never have believed I could of got so bad in two months or so, I had no energy in the tank whatsoever. I wouldn't even call it a run, more of a plod.
I'm glad I wasn't with anyone, I would have been embaressed.

Now that I think of it I have been feeling increasingly tired (I had put this down to stress at work) and I have been suffering from black rings around my eyes. Although I haven't put on any extra weight I feel fatter and have definitely gained extra 'Padding!!' (I haven't lost muscle cos I never had much in the first place!!)

I'm going to keep up the runs gradually increasing them although they really are no fun at the moment. I was also trying to increase my mile and a half time a few months back but if yesterday was anything to go by I I dread to think what my time would be now :(

Any other suggestions ??
Whatever, dont worry. Console yourself you'll never be as fat as me :D

Cost me a fortune in beer though. :( :clown:


You lose CV fitness four times as quickly as you build it, hence the 'fitness hangover' when you went back out again, unfortunately theres no shortcuts you just have to keep putting the work in.

Make sure that you are getting enough rest between work outs (train hard but make sure that you have easy days too) as overtraining can become a factor and lead to even more problems.

Also if you want to get your times down, and train more efficently when running you might want to get a heart rate monitor, these are great training aids and help you asses just how hard you should be pushing. Alternatively join a running club, there's bound to be plenty more qualified people to give you training advice.



Thanks for the replies. In answer to above question it has been about two months since any proper serious running but I thought I was ticking over okay by doing a few runs here and there and going to the gym (But obviously not!!!)
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