While the supermarket check out till receipt does not come high (if at all) on a squaddie's list of priorities an interesting fact came to light on my recent visit home. Mum noticing an exponential rise in the cost of beef steak and prime lamb in the High Street was told by the butcher it is because the Chinese are buying up our quality home grown food stuffs and North Sea fish forcing up prices. Good for the hard pressed British farmers (cough, cough!) and not so good for the food miles lobbyists. The communist elites in Beijing (a battalion of muderous thugs if ever there was one) are doing so well with the help of Wall Street that they have millions to spend from their state sponsored gangsterism.

How long before the power axis is USA and China? Britain becoming yet another client state of the Texas oil men as we were of the Roman empire 2000 years ago. At least the Romans gave us indoor plumbing and the auxiliaries from Britain were respected by the Roman general. What do we get from the mealy mouthed White House? Bugger all it seems. Just what the hold Bush had over Bliar was we may never know. Snide remarks from the warmongers about the capabilities of British Forces and disbelief that we hold them in total contempt.

Yesterday in Parliament we saw some hope in Brown's speech (his promise to dismantle the Blair dictatorship) but is it the old BS politician's trick of saying one thing and doing another. Did you notice the usual suspects crowded behind the new PM on the front benches - Straw, Milliband et al. The "Milly, Molly, Mandy" cabal. Yes you do know who I mean: the Bliar boot lickers who voted themselves handsome pensions for life after a couple of years of sitting on the well upholstered green leather and keeping their gobs tightly zipped. At the same time stealing your hard working grandparents' pensions from under the electorate's noses. I guess if you are going to steal from Peter to pay Paul you can always rely on the support of Paul.

I apologize if I offend the delicate sensibilities of the Daily Mail and Sun readers here present. They purport to sypport us lads yet print prurient and scurrilous stories about individual soldiers. At a time when the army is haemorrahaging good soldiers, particularly from the middle ranks the time has come for the fat cats of Westminster to listen to the British people and not the thugs in the American republican party.

So when the missus or your mum serves up sheep brain stew for Sunday lunch feel good about yourself for helping the Beijing self appointed elites enjoy our prime British beef. After all client states are always allowed the sweepings from the dining table. And again, who did eat all the meat pies?
Rant over. :(
The Chinese have also been buying up wooden slatted fence panels, making them hard to come by.

If that doesn't make your blood fcuking boil.........................
drain_sniffer said:
So who did eat all the pies?
The chinks.......Did you not read it?
Woks the world coming to?
The growth in Chinese wealth is impacting every area of production. Their expansion is soaking up metals in world markets and pushing up prices, driving them to expand their activities into Africa in the search for natural resources and yes, its soaking up the luxury goods too (if pies are luxury goods). This has hardly started yet and is perhaps something that we should look at for our own future growth. Some English products still have an international appeal so perhaps we should adapt.
DesktopCommando said:
Fine then just import their rice & everyone will be happy :)
Rice for pies is hardly a fair exchange is it? Aromatic crispy duck for pies - that would work.
Given the burgeoning power and wealth of the Chinese [1.5billion?] and given finite sources of food, natural and man made materials on Gods earth, resources will become ever scarcer and IMHO will result in conflict in one form or another [as it always has but on a grander scale]
As much as in an ideal world we would all be equal, I'm afraid the strong and not the meek will inherit the earth.
The problems of the world stem from the fact that there are too many people on this planet....perhaps nature will find a way to sort things out as she has done in the past [Plague anyone?]
Stir fried pies? Going down a treat in Shanghai, so I hear. I'm thinking of setting up a stall and retiring there. It's the way ahead, I tell you.

Those fiendish Chinese, imagine wanting to eat stuff imported from half-way round the world. Only utter b@stards would do something like that. Have some of this nice New Zealand lamb, that'll calm you down.

Anyway, pies aren't a luxury, they're a necessity. One of the 4 main food groups: Pies, cake, chocolate and alcohol.
smartascarrots said:
Anyway, pies aren't a luxury, they're a necessity. One of the 4 main food groups: Pies, cake, chocolate and alcohol.
I thought it was pies, cake cheese and alcohol...


Never mind pies, I need a new fence & they are buying all the wood.

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