Who are you favourite fighters and fights?

I'll argue with you,you're obviously to young to remember Don Cockell versus Rocky Marciano back in the 50's then?

We are talking about fights,as opposed to dancing around the ring? :)


Both of these already (quite rightly) mentioned:

The Benn vs McClellan bout lingers in my mind as one of the most memorable I've witnessed. But I cant think of a fight that could top Ali vs Frazier Take 3. Both on the edge of sheer exhaustion in blistering heat, both ready to throw in the towl at the end of R14 - Ali ordering Dundee to cut his gloves off, but Frazier, his one good eye almost closed entirely, got in there first.

I often wonder how the hype surrounding Ali would have played out if Joe would have hung on just a few more seconds? Similarly, I cannot help wondering what would have happened during Ali (Clay) vs Cooper Take 1 if Ali's glove hadn't have been 'ripped'? Talk about "saved by the bell"...

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