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Who are we in Kuwait/Iraq for??


Weapons of mass dest?  War iminent?  War on terrorism??  We have the British Army in thousands backing the Yanks, is this true?  So Im seeing the news, making my own opinions of todays current affairs and yet a little birdie tells me (who is in Kuwait) that the yanks main reason for being out there is not to rid the world of terrorism and Saddarse Hussy, but to gain sole access to the oil.
Please can someone enlighten me to why we are out there! Thanks.  :-/


War Hero
Think you've already answered that one yourself.........either cos the yanks are or the decide!



oil is the reason ! and not forgetting all those KFC and Mcdonald franchises :mad: as well
Going back to 11/09/01.....

One of the reasons that our friend Bin Laden is so p**sed off is that there are western forces in the Holy Land of Saudi.....and what are they doing there?

They are there to enforce the "No Flight zone" over Southern Iraq and prevent further aggro from Saddam.

OK then, let's see if we can solve Problem number one by solving Problem number two! ;)

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