Who Are Those Sneaky Hidden People on the Members List?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Lairdx, Jun 17, 2005.

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  1. Who are those sneaky bar stewards? :?
  2. What do you mean lairdx?
  3. When this has been raised before, it's been pointed out that some users don't want to be tagged as using ARRSE during their working hours which is why they 'hide'. Others, of course, will just be sneaky sorts...
  4. The list of 'Who is where' on the left of the homepage. It shows a list of members who are using the site plus a number of 'hidden' sneaky shifty types.

    Who are they? Are they spies from a pansy homosexual softy website such as U437636 or whatever its called or are the arrse members who do not want us to know they are on line.

    I have been studying the my account page and am unable to make myself appear as hidden?

    I smell WITCHCRAFT!!!!! I suspect cunning Trickery.
  5. I don't bother hiding which is why I display my ARRSE mug* prominently on my paper strewn desk...feck 'em! :D

    *No longer in production
  6. There are four of them now. I hope thay are pleased with themselves.
  7. There is an option to hide on your personal preferences page.
  8. Is this your obsession for the day?! :wink:
  9. There used to be an ARRSE mug??? Why isn’t it made anymore and can it be brought back??
  10. Im very pleased Lairdx - any more complaints; please direct them to someone who cares....... ;)
  11. I don't come accross as the obsessive type do I? It's been at least a fortnight since I stalked anyone.
  12. 5 now!

  13. How do they hide?
  14. Go on to your account click on my prefences then Show my online status: turn it to no then save changes :)
  15. Shouldn't you be beating a confession out of a prisoner? :?