Who are these Colonial Troops

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by No_Duff, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Canadian?

    I'd have guessed Bahamas, Bermuda, or any of the Caribbean garrison forces.

    You'd need the paid 3433 x 2569 version to discern any detail.

    (the rest of the photos in that series bring a tear to the eye: what a spectacle Victoria's diamond jubilee must have been.)
  2. Here's 6.5 minutes of it:

    "-Head of procession including bluejackets
    -Head of Colonial Procession
    -Royal Carriages Passing Westminster
    -Caped Mounted Riflemen Passing St Paul's"
  3. Going off topic slightly but does anyone have any knowledge of Drill Sticks being used in basic training, in particular by Colonial troops?

    Not talking pace-sticks here, but these drill sticks were more like staves and were held horizontally across the back, by the recruits crooked arms, whilst marching.

    The purpose being to encourage 'shoulders straight' in round-shouldered recruits.

    I know that they were certainly in use at the Recruiting Depot at Sungei Patani in the late 1960's, but I've not found any sources that refer to their use, or when the practice creased, either in UK (19th cent?) or overseas.
  4. Another view:

  5. There's another photo here with an interesting contemporary account that's extremely relevant given the recent banning of certain wards on ARRSE. WEll worth a read.
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  6. That JC, is fantastic! Prooves words are words, its how you use them that counts, the mutual respect is evident.
  7. Good post JC.... The Guards Lad at the end of the article was a good quote....