Who are the tailors opposite (ish) the gates of Sandhurst?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. Mind has gone blank - whats their name?


  2. Gieves and Hawkes used to have a branch there. Haven't been to Camberley for several years though.
  3. That'll be G.D Golding Ltd Tel: 01276 63659
  4. and they are only open for an hour or so in the evenings to take new orders and to drop things off for collection. Their main place is in London.
  5. Thank you gentlemen.
  6. At £646 for an RGJ SNCO messdress ( "It has to go through exactly the same process as the officers" ) I think I'll try elswehere...

    Not exactly the Worlds Most Complex Messdress is it?
  7. pair of green dungarees, with trowel holsters, and a bandolier for a size 7 shovel slung across the back?
  8. You've seen my Additional Requirements list, then...
  9. velcro arrse flaps and 'grippin' straps on the hips?

  10. I had some uniform run up by the thief Golding. I have to admit that it was very good quality, better than most others I have seen. When I got too chubby for my mess kit (not fat, chubby) Mr Golding was kind enough to let it out a touch. I should of noticed the pound signs in his eyes as he wrapped the tape measure around my chest.

    I am now living in a cardboard box under a flyover, eating flowers and drinking rainwater. Soon my repayments will be over and I can resume my old life.

    Value for money? Nope.
  11. I also got stuff from that thief Golding... alas, took 5 months longer than promised (and a lot of grief from adjt), an even then various bits arrived without buttons, adjusting straps in back of mess kit waistcoat etc, and shockingly bad tailoring requiring a send back on one garment, which took a further 3 months. Although eventually quality was good, took long enough... I finally got all I wanted just under a year after initial measuring....From my experience of being treated like someone insignificant, rather than a customer paying the hansome sum of around £2.5k I'd never go back...

  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Mrs sknn got her kit screwed up by Goldings - don't go there. It never fitted. Its had to be altered by other tailors, but it stilll does not fit and never did.

    Also, frankly they are rude arrogant B'stards once they have your money.

    That being said don't pick the cheapest bidder either - the reason they are cheap is often because they are no bloody good.
  13. Although some would disagee, I got my kit from Kashkets. When one does get somewhat chubby, they do the alterations for free for life. Also the fella that does the tailoring upstairs in the RMAS branch will do quick alterations like new pips/stripes for a fiver or whatever he feels that day.