Who Are the PC/Human Rights 'Drivers'?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Jun 17, 2011.

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  1. I'm sitting on the outside of the UK looking in so please bear with me

    Reading some of the outrage stories on here it seems that most folks in the UK - the 'silent majority' - apparently feel that the pendulum has gone too far the other way in terms of Political Correctness and Human Rights.

    So if the majority think it's wrong to let prisoners out because they miss their mummy, or need to look after their brood, or that some fat cow in the OB gets 30 K because she's too much of a heifer to pass a physical test, who is it that is 'driving' this insidious thought fascism? Is it just a small group of Grauniadistas, i.e. the chattering socialist classes of Islington, school teachers and the mejia?

    Why the fuck are they allowed so much control?
  2. Because the government are basically doing what the hell they want and ignoring the protests of the few, while the many will complain but wont do much more than that in case their benefits are affected. People complain and grumble, but apathy is rife.
  3. No, the media just move haplessly from one story to the next, just like vultures do with carcasses. The only difference is that if vultures don't find enough carcasses, they can't just make one up.

    It's the lawyers who are driving this. The judgements are made in the courts by legal people. Who are also like vultures (they even dress to look like them) and who, if they don't find enough carrion passing through their courts, just make some up with new stupid rulings, the expected legal challenges, retrials and appeals.

    This is nothing new, in the peasants revolt all the peasants asked for was for the king to consider executing all the lawyers...
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  4. This cunt who bleats on about 'uman rights and immigration dont see her letting any stay at her gaff

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  5. It seems to me it is mainly some people feeling the need to be outraged on behalf of others.
    On another site I use.Someone was bleating about the Mods,and the bleater complained about "abuse of power" the usual crap.The thread got locked.
    The bleater then started another along the lines of "My Grandfather died fighting this sort of thing"
    I added,helpfully I thought,that my Grandad had died in POW camp,as he fell from a guard tower.
    This only added fuel to the fire and the bleater in chief telling me how the OP was deeply offended and hurt by my comments.
    The person who was so "offended" never said a word.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Rather unwisely, we have imported a load of alien garbage into our legal system - particularly the idea that we are told what we can do, as opposed to what we can't do, which is a major departure from 800 years of precedent-based law. The politicians like this because they can enforce their prejudice of choice using the legal system (take a bow Harriet Harman), without the need to win an argument or carry popular support with them and they can also pile blame off onto Europe when they discover that an expensive but popular policy (deporting foreign criminals) is illegal under European rules. The lawyers like it because it opens up a whole new wonderland of litigation (take a bow Cherie Blair) when 'rights' are breeched/feelings hurt etc and it does so in such a way as to make it almost impossible for public bodies not to fall foul of it if they try to do their job. The Eurocracy like it because it's their preferred way of imposing themselves across Europe (take a bow the entire EU Commission) - at least in the countries silly enough to take this stuff as gospel - France is not a member of this group.

    We're not going to see an end to this nonsense unless we clarify that Westminster is sovereign and therefore MP's can be held to account - currently they just point at Brussels and go blithely on (Paging Mr Cameron) and, now that all this stuff is an integral part of the UK's statutory law, the process takes on a life of its own and the bureaucratic and legal systems automatically conform to it without any further need for a champion.
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  7. An excellent summation - thank you.
  8. I often find that fear is a motivator in this PC nonsense. If I speak out about racism, that black man won't rob me. If I march against anti-Islamic stuff, those nice terrorists will not bomb me, etc etc.

    Also the "Human Rights" card is becoming a complete joke when we protect the rights of the aggressor but the victims can just push off.

    Hopefully the pendulum will reach it's apogee (?) and start swinging back towards sensible soon.
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  9. I won't be holding my breath.
  10. Because, annoyingly, it's illegal to kill them.
  11. I wouldn't piss on her or her family if she/they were on fire.

    If it were legal to hunt cunts like her, I would.
  12. Nail-Head interface described perfectly there by Former Fyrdman.
    I would only add 'Spin Doctors' and 'Political Advisors' to the list of the guilty as they also have a vested interest in spreading this doctrine because it makes for an easy life for them and they can 'demolish' opponents by allocating them to any one of thousands of human right breaches.
  13. Apathy. And its rife on here, too. Look at a recent post concerning the erosion of pension benefits.
  14. Why has she tried to paint her face white ,is she ashamed of something?
  15. She looks like Michael Jackson's ghost.