who and why??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cheggarsRE, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. if you could ask one person from any time what would you ask them and who would it be??

    Slightly tasteless but i'd ask a teenage Hitler if he fancied the new Jewish boarding school.....
  2. Queen Victoria: 'Can you wash that out your hair before Gladstone calls?'
  3. Peter Sutcliffe: Sir, may I watch you work
  4. Wouldnt jack the ripper be more fun to watch you could also lob some man fat into the gaping wounds he inflicted
  5. Until you have seen the trauma from a frenzied hammer attack I'd suggest you keep your silly opinions to yourself.

    Jack the Ripper was an amateur, Peter was an artist
  6. General Galtieri:

    Don't go there mate, you'll only piss them off!
  7. Saddam = What posessed you to hide down there you fukcing mong

    Elvis = You fat greedy b-stard you going to eat all that, itl give you
  8. Me to the bloke in the crows nest on the Titanic:
    'Ere mate, so, did you reach the vinegar strokes before or after you saw the iceberg?

    To Heath Ledger:
    'Are you sure you want to take that many?'

    Julius Ceasar:
    'See that Brutus, he's a cnut he is, he'll stab you in the back and no mistake'

    Tony Blair about 1997
    'Gordon Brown will take your job'

    Parents of Blair if above does not work:

    Have an abortion

    Oooo 2000th post. I hoped it would be something profound or at the very least funny 8O
  9. good effort boys!!

    keep em coming... i got one at mo.. Fabio what the feck??
  10. Lee Harvey Oswald:
    "What were YOU doing when President Kennedy was shot"?
  11. Jesus = So, did you know Brian then?

    Guy Fawkes = Light it on the 4th mate, trust me

    Richard the III = you'll never gues what your names going to be slang for

    King Harold = whatever you do, dont look up
  12. To God- just before he created man
    "Now are you absolutely sure you want to do this?
  13. To Walter Raleigh

    How about you don't bother bringing all those dried leaves back to England mate? Let the Spaniards keep them.
  14. Aren't you fun :roll:

    I'd ask Rasputin if he really did fcuk all those wimmin. (and for some tips)
  15. To Charles De Menezes: Why don't you take a day off work? 8O