WHO agrees HIV circumcision plan

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Random_Task, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. Yes of course!

  2. No

  3. Having read this article,I'm off to find the nail scissors!

  4. Wondering if it's possible to 'grow it back' ?

  1. WHO agrees HIV circumcision plan link

    Best bit:

  2. If some people had thier way they would snip the whole thing off, and not just the top :lol:
  3. And to think I actually posted on that thread.

    I feel a right dic k now! ;)
  4. Circumcision can be quite traumatic.
  5. What the hell has having your foreskin snipped off, got to do with firing infected seeds or 8O having jucies 8O sneaking back in, got to do with AID's
  6. I heard this item on the radio news yesterday afternoon. The poor lady who was reading the news was obviously struggling to keep a straight face as she read Mr de Kock's name. I imagine as soon as the bulleting finished she had to make a swift exit to the ladies'. She deserves an MBE for her courage under humour!
  7. Especially when it's involutary, you're tied down without anaesthetic and you mates are looking through the windows. Traumatic, just doesn't do it justice does it?
  8. ..king outrage seems to fit
  9. Especially if the doctor is a Mr Stanley and he's extremely blunt.
  10. Apparently the HIV virus needs to stay moist. It doesn't live long enough, on a dry bell end, to get passed on or get in through your skin. A dry helmet is a happy helmet!

    I personally prefer mine wet, the wetter the better!