Who actually wants Gordon Brown?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Colonick, May 20, 2007.

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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else feel slightly annoyed at Gordon Browns presumption of leadership?
  2. Didn't vote for him(not in his constituency anyway)
    Until we have electoral reform , this sort of thing will keep happening

    Even the septics have the sense to hold elections when their incumbent decides to do one and bugger-off, and England is the home of DEMOCRACY
    Do me a favour, it's all about maintaining the status-quo between those in power and those under their thumb
  3. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I think for all that everyone demonises TB for his assorted sins, we'll want him back pretty sharpish after experiencing a bit of Gordon Vissaronovich.
  4. Even electoral reform won't make any difference unless you change the whole political system.

    In this country nobody elects a prime minister - we all vote for an MP and the leader of the party with the most MPs become prime minister. Party leaders are selcted only by party menbers, with varying degrees of democracy.

    There wouldn't be any of this fuss about a new prime minister if Blair had died or retired through ill health.
  5. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    That's a little disingenuous.

    Everyone accepts the need for a chain of succession in the event a leader is incapacitated through unexpected circumstance, but it's slightly different to a pre-meditated handover of national leadership to whoever happens to be mates (or not!) with the incumbent. Personally, I think people don't have much of a leg to stand on complaining about it this time round (anyone who has read a paper in the last 10 years knew exactly what would happen when they voted for Labour, explicitly stated or not), but the situation - and that with Major - does highlight the absurdity of this particular aspect of our democracy. Whether technically or legally correct or not, the fact is most people regard the PM spot as something akin to a presidential position, and a large number vote for a leader at general elections, not a party.

    It's about time we simply made a legal requirement for a new general election whenever No 10 changes hands - our elections take five seconds and cost pennies already, if the incumbent party is so convinced that the public is happy with the changeover, what are they worried about?
  6. We never had a general election when Blair's great fascist heroine Frau Thatcher abdicated either. Are we applying different rules to Labour? Broon will be no worse than Blair. He's a seasoned politician who has been in government for 10 years (depressing isn't it?), so he knows exactly how to run the system . And he's infinitely better than that tube David "I'm dahn wif de kids" Cameron and his smug patronage.

    Can somebody tell me a better person to lead the country at this moment. Or a "less worse" person, even. Cameron isn't even the right man to lead his own party, he's just a preening PR man who went to the right school. Bunch of arrse.
  7. This is the way it has always been.
    When Churchill, Eden and Wilson all retired through ill health, their party selected the new leader without there being any suggestion that there should be a General Election.
    All that is different in this case is that an overwhelming majority of Labour MPs decided to support Brown as their new leader, thereby removing the need for a leadership election.
  8. Very few to judge from some of the recent opinion polls. He comes out at the very bottom, even below Blair and Patricia Hewitt.


    And there are a lot of people in the Labour Party who know that once his hidden policies become properly understood, the legacy of 10 years of financial mismanagement catches up as it will soon and that he simply is unable to hack it as PM, they are doomed.

    But it is never any different. Each generation of voters has to find out for itself how dreadful a Labour Government can be.

    Edit: And I agree with PoisonDwarf about Cameron. Signs are he he will be ousted well before the next election
  9. Party politics corrupts the intent of the system that we use. YOU all vote for the person you think can best represent your area. The man who can muster the most MP's in the House of Commons to support him is asked by the Queen to form HER Government. Previous Queens (Queen Anne) have asked MP's with limited backing to form HER Government for various reasons. Party politics was the attempt to control blocs of MP's to form or block governments. Now parties parchute big hitters into areas they know would vote for a dead dog if it wore the right colour ribbon. Maybe we should strengthen the law to force people to stand for an area they actually live in!

    Now we vote for party whos' leader lies better on TV that the other!!!!!

    An't progress great!
  10. Brown as PM? reluctantly yes, but only to see the manipulative, conniving barsteward squirm as it all comes off the rails and labour goes down the tubes where it should be.

    Admittedly, it would have been better to have watched TB squirm as well but at least one of the gits has gone.

    Sad to say, I don’t think we have seen anything yet from this bunch of smug self serving players, things will not change or improve under Brown if you think about it he is at least 50% responsible for the ferkups so far, if not more so with his inept controlling of the finance strings and the buy now pay later methods.

    As to a General Election on change? I really can’t see how he can morally take power with out one, more so considering Nue Libours track record of Government from the top, apparent lack of cabinet decisions and ignoring the will of the people/bully tactics towards their back seat parliamentarians. But since when has the moral issue ever come into consideration with this lot?

    edited once by snapper to sort out beer induced spelling
  11. Yes I want GB as the Liarbour leader, it almost ensures that Liarbour will get stuffed in the next Election.

    It'll help if the Tories can keep Davey boys gob shut as well.
  12. Would we then have John Prescott? As deputy leader would he then take the reins? What a frightening thought!

    If we had proportional representation things would be very different on the whole.
  13. I'm with Snapper and Blagsta. Gormless Gordon will ensure that NuLabour get consigned to the bottm of the pile ay the next general elections - where they belong.
  14. The signs dont look promising but I say give the man a chance!
  15. If Gordon Brown puts finally all branches of the armed forces first more especially the army ie increasing it, I will gladly vote for him.